Thursday, 24 November 2016

Review: Kinetic Sand

A few weeks ago, Tyne was very excited to receive a Kinetic Sand Sandcastle playset to try out.

We have had Kinetic Sand sets before and they are always a huge hit in our household - incase you are not familiar with it Kinetic Sand is basically just like the sand you find at the beach but BETTER ... due to some added ingredients the sand moves in a different way and is able to hold its shape making for far more fun with moulds, creating your own sandcastle structures and even just watching how it moves in your hands.

In this particular set we had a blue tray to contain the sand, two moulds including a starfish and a very cool little sandcastle with lots of detailing (see photo at the top of page), a little fork,  and of course, a bag of lovely purple kinetic sand!

The playset kept 3 year old Tyne entertained for a good hour or so, he got so much enjoyment out of making the sandcastles and knocking them down again and he also loved the fact that the sandcastles were solid enough to hold in his hand without them crumbling.

I played alongside him and I have to say that even I enjoyed myself, there is something about kinetic sand and the way it moves that I find so therapeutic!

I would love to say that this was a nice mess-free activity but alas, I would be lying...although the little tray is very handy kids do have a habit of always wanting to pick the sand up and so inevitably it gets everywhere - but I CAN say that it is very easy to clean up as you just take a little ball of kinetic sand in your hand, and use it to pick up the bits on the floor - so simple!

As long as its stored in a resealable bag or closed container, the kinetic sand is re-usable!

Kinetic Sand is a fantastic activity for children, and these sets would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any child.

Kinetic Sand is suitable for children aged 3 +, and is available from most good toy stores.

To find out more, please visit SpinMaster

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