Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Siblings In November

Soooo guess who forgot to take a Siblings picture this month?!

Yup, me!

I didn't even realise today was the 15th until I saw everyone elses photos popping up on my feed...whoops!

I haven't had any chance today to take a last minute photo, so instead I'm using the only photographs I got of the three boys together last month...which were not at all intended to be used for this and are not perfect photos at all!...however, they are real.

This is just a few off the cuff snaps of my 3 boys playing on the swing together when we went to the park a couple of weeks ago.

It's not posed...I just happened to snap a few photos when they were on it, with no intention of sharing them here...but is that really a bad thing?

Of course it's nice to have lots of perfectly posed shots (not that I get many of those successfully!) to look back on, but actually having a few candid ones of the boys playing together too can only be a good thing, right?!

The boys relationship this month has been great...it's becoming impossible to determine which of them have the closest bond because all 3 of them have their own unique relationship and all of them are lovely to watch at the moment.

I have to say that Noah and Sailor's is probably my favourite to watch as it just amazes me that two such young babies can have such a bond already...Sailor has the biggest grin on his face whenever he looks at Noah and this month has really started to laugh at him when they play together, he finds him hilarious and is definitely going to be Noah's little shadow!

And in return Noah is so very loving and affectionate toward Sailor...he can now say his name perfectly, and spends so much time making sure his "bay-ba" is ok...he cuddles him, kisses him at bedtime, strokes his face, tries to help dress him, pulls his clothes out of the laundry piles and takes them over to him (I found him to put a pair of socks on Sailors feet yesterday and when I asked what he was doing he said "Sailor cold!") - he also still seems to have an obsession with sitting on Sailor's lap or trying to "ride" him whenever Sailor is laying on his tummy which is quite bizarre but Sailor doesn't seem to mind... 

One thing I'm not enjoying though is Noah's current desire to share his food with Sailor...this week they had Happy Meals and I saw Sailor chewing on something, so I dived over and shouted "Whats in his mouth!" when Noah casually replied "Chip"...and yep, sure enough...Noah had somehow managed to sneak a McDonalds fry into Sailors mouth!!! Thank god it wasnt a chicken nugget!! Sailor was pretty unhappy when I took it off him, unfortunately...sorry Kid, I draw the line at Happy Meals for 9 month olds!
As for Tyne and Sailor, their relationship has been much the same...Tyne insists that Sailor is his "favourite brother" (poor Noah!) and loves to cuddle him and tell him that he loves him, and Sailor seems very happy to soak up the attention.

This month Sailor & Tyne have actually moved in together, too! We did try Tyne and Noah in the bedroom together but it didn't work out too well as Noah is quite a light sleeper, and Sailor didn't seem to settle well in Noah's bedroom either...so we swapped them over and now Sailor shares with Tyne, which they both seem happy with for now!

Tyne & Noah's relationship, I'm pleased to say, has improved loads this month - they are arguing far less and as Noah is getting older and more capable of playing, they are spending much more time together and enjoying each others company. They both love playing with superhero playsets and cars, and they will play really well together for an hour or more most days.

Of course they do still have their moments as well...Noah gets very jealous when Tyne has something that he doesn't, and Tyne seems to automatically direct any anger and tantrums toward Noah...yesterday he decided to slap poor Noah right across the face because it was bedtime and he didn't want to go to bed...he got into big trouble of course, but I feel so sorry for Noah always being on the receiving end of those outbursts...I do hope we can nip them in the bud soon!

Thankfully those occasions have been very rare this month and most of the time, they get on really well....although they just LOVE to wrestle each other!! It is all they ever do!!

So that's how the boys are getting in November, I'm so excited to get some nice festive photos of them together next month!

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