Sunday, 13 November 2016

Yvolution Strolly Compact Review

We were recently lucky enough to be sent a Yvolution Strolly Compact for review (I have to apologise for the lack of photos of it in use, I am having some camera issues and have been given permission by the PR to use stock photos for this review which I will be updating soon!)

The Yvolution Strolly Compact is a new stroller, trike and balance bike system designed for young children aged 10+ months, making the transition from stroller to balance bike.

The Strolly Compact system can be fully adjusted to coincide with your child's development.
Initially under full control by an adult via the push bar, the system is controlled via a rear safety pole being used as a Trike Stroller pushed by an adult.

As the child grows and becomes more confident, the push bar can be removed allowing the child to power themselves via the front wheel pedals instead of relying on big people power. This not only grants them a new confidence but also encourages motor skills and strengthens legs in the same way a traditional Trike would.

Even more ingenious, this system can then progress further with your child's abilities. Once your child is confident with their trike, the pedals can be removed and the frame converted to a traditional style balance bike. This further encourages a child's confidence and balancing abilities in preparation for a pedal bike!

The Yvolution Strolly Compact is perfect for parents on the go or anyone with limited home or car boot space. The very clever design means that the whole system is totally foldable and very portable taking up less space without compromising on comfort for the child.

Key Features;

1) Padded safety bar
2) Full control safety bar for early stroller stages
3) Easily folded for storage or journeys.
4) Develops with the child's confidence and abilities
5) Frame an be altered to become a balance bike
6) Sunshade

We'd recently been considering getting Sailor, who is 9 months, a first balance bike for Christmas and the Yvolution Strolly Compact certainly seems to have more than ticked all the right boxes. The system we were sent is in a very snazzy design of Blue and Grey which is sure to see him as the envy of the playground!

Thanks to the folding design, it is very easy to get the strolly into our boot compared to other systems we'd had in the past for his older brothers - it is super easy to fold down and assemble too.

From walks in the woods to strolls along the local promenade, the Strolly has taken it all in its stride.

The Yvolution Strolly Compact is available priced at £119 - to find out more please visit

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