Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How Not To Be A D**k Online

As a blogger, you spend a pretty hefty portion of your life online.

Infact I'd go as far as to say that around an hour (*ahem* or triple that...) of my life  is spent scrolling through various social media platforms every day...

As a result of this, you start to notice certain things...pick up on certain trends...

For example, Instagram has taught me that the somewhat ridiculous and completely made up phrase "On Fleek" is now a part of the vocabulary of most people under the age of 30...

Pinterest taught me that geo prints and scandi styles are on trend and that my baking skills are massively below par...

And Twitter taught me that "Netflix & Chill" is not an event I should be inviting my Mum to partake in....

But my time spent online has also made me aware of something else epidemic that appears to be sweeping the nation, claiming its victims at an alarming rate.

The affliction is known as Internet-Dick-itis - and it causes its sufferers (people who are probably quite normal people in their every day life) to turn into absolute numpties when presented with a keyboard and the cloak of Internet Untouchableness that they feel their online presence gives them.

I've seen many many ways in which the internet appears to turn people into total and utter mahoosive dicks, and it seems that it can happen to any one at any time.

And so, I thought I'd put together a little Dickiness Cheat Sheet to help you and your loved ones avoid falling prey to this awful contagion...

So there we have it, a crash course in anti-dickery online...I do hope you've all passed with flying colours!

If not, don't worry...we all make mistakes...but do try to learn from them and do better in future. Don't fall victim to InternetDickItis.

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  1. This is hilarious! Ah, those Instagram unfollowers do my head in. I can tell the type just by looking at their profiles now. And serial unfollowers/refollowers get blocked. xx

  2. I absolutely loved this! I can safely say I am not one yay.


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