Sunday, 4 December 2016

My Experience As A Tenant & Advice For Renting

Myself & Jon have rented ever since we first moved in together several years ago, and I rented prior to that for a number of years too...although we would both eventually like to look into getting a mortgage, it's not something we're in a hurry to do right now as - to be honest - I seem to have nomadic tendencies and I never settle in a home for very long before I want to move again and of course, the beauty of renting means that we can up and leave a property with just a months notice which suits me perfectly - I would hate to be tied down with a chain before being able to just move on as it just doesn't suit my personality at the moment.

Renting often tends to get a bad press, but as with everything in life...there are ups and downs to it.

Here are my top tips to ensure that renting goes smoothly:

1) Treat The Property As You Would Your Own Home - And by this I do not mean letting it get filthy and your garden over grown, I mean treat it with the same respect you would your own property and ensure it is well kept and looked after - this is really all your landlord will want! (Along with regular rent payments, of course!).

2) Make sure that you read through your contracts before you sign and ensure that your landlord is keeping your deposit in a secure deposit holding service. It's also worth being sure that they have suitable landlords insurance which can be found online via sites such as Homelet - our last landlord did not and as a result he tried to avoid paying up when the property sustained damage, which resulted in a long dragged out complaint from us and, eventually, us leaving the property at the end of our contract and leaving him without any tenants paying regular rent as nobody would move in to a property with a hole in the roof...all of which could have been avoided if he had taken out insurance!

3) Know Your Rights - Tenants have rights, and it is always worth making yourself familiar with them - you can take a look at Tenants Rights & Responsibilities for the UK here

For more information, take a look at the below infographic.

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