Sunday, 18 December 2016

Planning A Family Christmas Party

A couple of years ago, I started the tradition of  hosting a family Christmas Eve Eve party on 23rd December and it has become something that we all really look forward to.

I try to really focus the party around the kids and make it as fun for them as possible, whilst also including elements that the adults will enjoy too which I really think is the key to making it a success!

I've been planning my party ideas for this year since around September, and I'm so excited that it's almost time to see it all come to fruition - so I thought I would share with you what my plans are for this years party along with some of my tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas party!

The Decor & Venue

The fortunate thing about Christmas time is that most places you'd be throwing a Christmas party are, of course, already decorated for the festive season so there's really no need to do anything extra at all! A few party balloons and maybe some crackers to pull, or some mistletoe hung in the doorway are all you really need to get the place looking party ready - however I do like to create a bit of "wow factor" for my guests when they first arrive and I do that by making the front door look seasonal and festive.

When we threw our Halloween party this year, I decorated the door to look like a Mummy... so for Christmas I thought I'd give it a bit of a Present Makeover...this is what I plan to do to it! All you need is some organza ribbon and a big glittery bow...I bought ours from Home Bargain for less than £2 and I think it looks really effective!

When it comes to planning the venue, it really depends on the kind of party you're hosting and the number of guests you have - for our little family party our home is more than enough, and the cosiness of the living room kind of adds to the atmosphere. But for a larger party, you will need to source a reliable venue that meets all of your needs - a website such as Venue Finder is perfect for sourcing the best Christmas Party Venues close to you, helping you find the ones with the best facilities, location and price - you can narrow down the options using a search function which is very easy to use, and with over 15,000 venues registered with them you are bound to find something that suits your needs.

The Food

Planning the food is one of my favourite parts of hosting a party - of course I will be heading to Iceland and stocking up on the good old Indian Platters and Sausage rolls but I like to do something a bit different too, and include some homemade items that are just that bit more seasonal than the things you see in the shops.

I've been hitting up Pinterest for some ideas on what to make this year, and here are the things I've narrowed it down to:

I also do a Hot Chocolate Station every year which the kids love - I include marshmallows, whipped cream, flake sprinkles, and shots of baileys for the grown ups too - sooo yummy!

The FUN!

The most important part of any party is, of course, the entertainment and I have tons of it planned this year!

I'll be greeting my guests with a chart to help them find their Elf Names, which they will then have to wear on a name tag - they'll have to refer to each other as their Elf Name for the duration of the party or else they will face a forfeit! With names such as Sweetie McSparklepants and Stinky JingleBottom on the charts I think it'll be a good giggke!

We'll be including the favourite games from previous years - such as Do You Wanna Build  A Snowman, which basically involves two volunteers being covered in toilet paper and dressed as a snowman as quickly as possible! 

And I have lots of new games planned too...I bought Reindeer Toss which includes inflatable antlers to someone to wear along with rings to throw onto the antlers. I also have a game called Jingle Bum Twerk Off planned...which basically involves attaching a Tissue Box full of bells to peoples bums, and making them twerk until the bells come out...the first one to twerk all the bells out of their box is the winner! 

I also have Christmas Charades, a Christmas Quiz and Christmas Karaoke planned along with good old Pin The Nose On Olaf and Pass The Parcel...there should be plenty to keep everyone entertained!

I can't wait for the 23rd so I can get on with all the fun things I've been planning for so you have any Christmas parties planned yourself?

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