Sunday, 18 December 2016

ReRoute Santa - Let Santa Know Where You'll Be This Christmas

It's easy to become a little bit wrapped up in our own bubbles when Christmas rolls around - thinking that the way our family does Christmas is the same way that everybody does it, but lately I've started to realise how very different Christmas Day looks for so many of my friends.

Different family set ups and situations can mean that Christmas Day can be spent between different houses, with different family members in different places, and even in a different part of the country - or even the world - completely.

Whether its splitting time between parents, visiting grandparents, or even just choosing to spend the festive season on holiday...there are lots of reasons why many children find themselves spending Christmas somewhere other than home.

In fact Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for family travel and for those planning to visit family and friends for the festive season, more than two-thirds (6%) are travelling more than 25 miles.  And of those families making such journeys, 54% of the children admitted to feeling worried that the trip may cause a Merry Mix Up leading Father Christmas to deliver their presents to the wrong address!

With my own family being from Liverpool 250 miles away from where we live, we often talk about spending a Christmas there with them one year but I know that my oldest son would ask questions about how Santa would be able to find him...and so how do you ease their fears without giving too much away?

Well I have the perfect solution...this year HomeAway, the world leader in holiday rentals, have launched a really useful tool for kids who are worried about how St Nick and his sleigh will find them on Christmas Eve- ReRoute Santa is a really simple to use site that enables kids to send a message straight to the North Pole to tell Santa where they will be spending Christmas this year.

You simply log on to , enter your childs name along with where they're from and where you're spending Christmas, and your message is delivered - you even get an e-letter back from Santa to confirm he got the message which you can show your child online or print off for them to reassure them that Santa knows exactly where to find them!

The website is such a simple idea but one that could really help to ease the fears of little minds this Christmas, to reassure them that no matter where they are in the world...Santa and his Sleigh will find them!

To try the free to use service yourself, just visit

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