Thursday, 22 December 2016

Soothing & Protecting with Bepanthen

Did you know that up to a third of Babies & Toddlers suffer with nappy rash at one time?

Considering how high that statistic is, it makes sense that as parents we should be on the lookout for ointments to help care for our babies skin and protect against nappy rash wherever possible.

We've always been quite fortunate as neither of my oldest two children have suffered much with nappy rash but recently Sailor has really been suffering with it - luckily the timing of this coincided with a delivery of Bepanthen so I was very keen to try it out and see if it could help.

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment forms a breathable transparent layer on babies soft and delicate skin which not only helps to protect babies bottom, but nourishes it with Pro Vitamin B5 which aids the recovery of the skin as well as gently moisturising.

Bepanthen is free from preservatives, fragrances, colours and antiseptics which means that it is gentle enough to be used as part of your nightly bedtime changing routine - it also the ONLY leading nappy care product that meets all 9 of the gold standards of a nappy care product.

We've been using Bepanthen every evening for a few weeks now, and I am pleased to report that Sailor's nappy rash has improved dramatically and is now completely healed.

We continue to use Bepanthen every evening as part of our bedtime routine, and I have to favourite feature (aside from the benefits to soothing and protecting against nappy rash of course!) is the flip-open top which is so easy to use when mid-change - so many other creams and ointments make it rather difficult as, let's face it, once baby is past 4 months old you no longer have the use of both hands whilst changing do you?! Take both hands off the baby and they are soon up and away from the changing mat!

Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is available at all leading supermarkets, chemists and independent pharmacies. RRP £3.99 for 30g or £7.99 for 100g.

Bepanthen have also recently released a fantastic new e-book which captures the essence of life as a new parent brilliantly!

"What The Parenting Manuals Don't Tell You" by maternity nurse and mum of 3 Lisa Clegg, features lots of handy tips which are sourced from REAL parents - it's a great read for any mum or dad!

I will certainly be trying the lavender water spritz suggested for bedtime, and I can second the use of a changing basket for ease too...we have had a changing basket in the living room since Tyne was a baby which contains nappies, wipes and, of course, Bepanthen and it is just so handy to have it right there to hand...even the children know where to find the wipes when they need them!

To take a look at the free e-book, just click HERE

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