Monday, 5 December 2016

Top Tips For Buying For The Older Gent This Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, many people have a lot of the gifts for loved ones purchased already. If not actually purchased, then most of us at least have a clear idea of what we will be purchasing for the special people in our lives.

There are however always the exceptions when it comes to planning gift buying.

The 'Oh My God, I really don't have a clue what to buy them' group of present receivers.

One such group can often be the older gentlemen in our lives. The Fathers, Grandfathers and Father in Laws for own Dad is particularly difficult and I get really tired of giving him the same old bottle of whiskey every year!

Now I'm pretty certain they don't do it out of awkwardness or just for kicks, but many of the above group can be tricky to pin down when it comes to gifts. Even when probed directly about what they'd like, answers often include such vagaries as 'I'd be happy with just a card', 'Just something little' or the all time classic 'Oh anything'...gee whizz thanks Pops!

Buying for this group lead to years of hair pulling, tears, and gnashing of teeth as well leaving me frustrated and feeling like I really would have to buy 'Just anything'. This need not be the case however, and whilst many chaps will be happy with simply receiving a generic gift, there's no reason why that gift does not have to be as special or thoughtful as anyone else's  

After of years of experience buying for my own Father who falls in to the above group I've compiled a short list of tips when purchasing for the older chap in our lives .

Top Purchasing Tips for Gifts for the Older Gent.

1) Hobbies and Pastimes; 

Does that chap in your life have a passion for a hobbie? A love of a particular pastime?

If so then maybe some research prior to purchasing. This could be to make sure you get the the right size, don't get anything they already have, or just to clarify if there's anything they may need . Often if the person is a family member a few short phone calls or emails to friends and family will help gauge the mood and set the wheels in motion for that perfect gift.

2) Fun or serious gifts. 

You probably know the personality of the person you are buying for, and this can be a great source of narrowing down what to get.

Would the person like something fun and quirky, or a serious possibly practical present? What is the nature of the that Older Gent in your life? By considering something like an experience day perhaps you could just end up giving them the best gift experience of their lives! A day of golfing? The chance to drive a super car? Even a michelin star dining experience!

3) Tangible or Memorable?

Thinking of the person, is their house full of objects or photographs? This one may seem odd but many people would prefer an experience day for example over a gift you can hold physically. A lot can be gained by considering if the person surrounds themselves with objects, books etc or memories and images of places they've been or things they have done.

If you need some more inspiration, Chums have put together super 
this handy infographic

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