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Bloggers I Loved In 2016

The thing with blogging when you're also a busy mum of 3, is that you don't get the time you'd like to spend chatting with those amazing blogging friends you've don't get to send as many PMs, have as many group chats, join in as many (or any!) Twitter fact to be honest it often takes me 2 or 3 days if not more to even reply to a PM on social media these days.

I used to joke that a text could take me a week to reply to so if my "real life" friends and family wanted an answer from me, they'd be better off sending me a Facebook message...but now its rare that I respond to those within the first 48 hours either!

And something that really bothers me most, is that I feel I never support other bloggers in the way I want to anymore.

I so rarely have the time free to sit and just read blog posts anymore, and if I do i'm usually doing it on my phone which makes leaving a comment really difficult to do...but then I know how much a comment can mean when you've spent hours slogging away at crafting your post, and it makes me feel really rubbish when I read and run.

I hardly ever have chance to sit and watch YouTube videos from my friends or my favourite vloggers.

I hardly ever get the chance to look at their Twitter timelines and retweet any of their stuff.

I hardly ever get a moment to scroll through Instagram and appreciate their beautiful photos, and even when I do there's usually a child climbing on my head so I usually quickly press the heart button and that's it...

And it just BOTHERS me.

I don't want to be that person - that blogger that never takes the time to reply to her own comments let alones leaves any for anybody else ( I can't even remember the last time I replied to my comments, which just sucks because comments literally make my day)

The blogger who never returns the favour, the blogger who follows you on Instagram but never interacts with your feed, the one who doesn't know what you blogged about last month when you reference it even though they tell you they love your blog!

... the one who is just getting completely and utterly left behind and failing miserably at keeping up.

I don't want to be that person....but, I'm sure that most of us feel the same way.

It can't just be me?!

Surely I'm not the only one who's own blog and own children burn up every bit of her time and energy, and leave her without a spare moment to spend being the super supportive, encouraging blogging friend she wants to be?!

So I'm admitting it...I suck at being a good blog friend.

I suck at being a good blog supporter.

But in an effort to kind of apologise for how sucky I can be at this, and how much I do admire so many of much bloggers and content creators inspire and educate me on a daily basis, I wanted to create a little post just to share some of the ones I have really enjoyed over the past year.

I'd love to be able to include links to individual posts for each one of course, but as is always the case with me...the kids are about to wake up and I'm running out of work time!

But here are a few stand out favourite posts I've read from 2016,  I meant to do some Facebook shout outs for them toward the end of the year and completely forgot...

What To Do When Your Child Hates School by Five Little Doves really struck a chord with me, as I know what it's like to experience that first hand and I dread going through it with my own children.

Let's Talk About The Truth from Amy Treasure was by far the most interesting and emotional blog post I think I have ever read, it is the one which comes straight to my mind whenever I'm asked "But why does blogging matter?"... real voices like Amy's sharing real stories is, to me, what it's all about.

Saying Goodbye To The Idea Of A Girl from Sorry About The Mess was a touching post and one that really resonated me as a fellow mum of 3 little boys.

And this blog on the very taboo subject of Gender Disappointment from Dolly Dowsie was another I could really relate to on a personal level...Fiona has such a way of putting her thoughts and emotions across into her blog through both her words and her photography.

Please take a look through this list of blogs I have loved this year if you get a chance...these people are some of the most talented, creative, inspiring and funny people I have come across in my four years in the blogosphere and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

My Tribe

First up, and as much as I hate the word "Tribe" that is what these people are for me...a group of people who are supportive and helpful, and who I can go to for advice or just friendship in times of need. People I would be lost without.

Those Who Inspire Me

Those Who Make Me Howl With Laughter

Those Who's Blogs I Just Love Because They're Cozy & Comfortable, Like Curling Up With A Favourite Magazine...

This list is by no means exhaustive, I know there are hundreds of blogs I love that I have accidentally neglected to mention so I am sure there will be a part two at some point!

I hope you find some new reads from this list, and I would LOVE to hear your own recommendations for favourite blogs to read as I love finding new ones!

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