Monday, 13 February 2017

Going To My Happy Place

I wrote last week about how I'm finding January difficult once again this year.

I don't want to go into detail about it again but I will simply say that it hasn't been the easiest of times for a lot of reasons.

But I believe that every cloud has its silver lining, and ours materialised last week in the form of a little windfall that we weren't expecting.

I wondered for a while what we should do with the money - the sensible thing would probably be to pay off the balance of our cruise holiday, or maybe buy a new sofa...or even put the money into our accounts to make things a little less stressful on the bills front.

But where would the fun be in those things?!

We've already budgeted for the cruise holiday anyway, and if I put it in my bank then I can guarantee you it would be eaten up in a matter of weeks anyway...

A sofa was a slightly more tempting would be nice to have something lasting to show for the money, but the one I really love is a light grey which would only be destroyed within weeks with my 3 little demons  darlings running around the place with their crayons and chocolate coated really, what's the point?! Why have nice things for them to destroy when I could just let them destroy the old things that I don't like much?!

And mind turned to thoughts of holidays (as it so often does!)...and, inevitably, to my happy place.

I soon found myself on the Disneyland Paris website, browsing at leisure and wondering if it may be possible to squeeze in a trip later this year...

We loved visiting at Halloween last year and I would have loved to go at that time of year again, but with our cruise holiday being the first two weeks of October it just wouldn't work out...

But then I saw a amazing, unbelievable, exceptionally fantastic deal...

3 nights, 4 days stay at Disney's Sequoia Lodge (one of the closest hotels to the parks) a Golden Forest Club Room (which is basically a room with VIP benefits such as private lounge with hot breakfast and afternoon snacks, free hot and cold drinks from noon -10.30pm, private check in and luggage service, and an in room nespresso machine)...with Eurostar return travel included...AND a free Full Board Plus meal plan...

All for just £810!!

I was shocked by what good value the deal was....we paid around £650 for our break last time without a meal plan and in a lower starred hotel without VIP benefits...but then I realised WHY the price was so good...because it was only available next week, departing January 30th.

My heart sank a bit....we can't just up and go like that with such short notice...

Or can we?! What exactly is stopping us? The children don't have school, we are self employed and can choose when we, why not?

And so...I went against that sensible part of my brain who wanted to slow down and give myself months and months to plan every last detail out...and instead, I just booked it.

We're going to Disneyland next week! AAARGH!

The obsessive planner in me is nervous about the lack of time I have to organise things, but the other part of me is so excited for the adventure...

Life is short and the kids childhoods are even shorter, so why shouldn't I make the most of them and take the rare opportunity to do something totally spur of the moment that we will all enjoy? (well...I say all of us, Sailor is actually spending the time visiting his grandparents in Liverpool as it's just too cold to have him outside all day at the moment and I doubt he'd get anything out of it I want to enjoy it myself and having two babies and a toddler in tow anywhere is HARD WORK)

I'm definitely more excited than the kids...after a really really rubbish month, I am SO excited to be ending it in my happy place....Mickey Mouse here we come!!

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