Friday, 20 January 2017

Siblings In January

 Next month will mark a full year that my boys have been a trio, and I can't believe how quickly it's come around.

Taking photos of my older two seems like it was just a fleeting moment...well, it was really...they were a duo for only 10 months before their little brother came along. So it's easy to see why they feel like they've always been a three.

And as a threesome, they are a handful and a half!!!

Their relationship seems to change all the time, and whereas at one time Tyne & Noah were getting on a lot better...I'm afraid to say we've turned a corner again into less friendly waters! 

They seem to struggle to play nicely together for more than a few minutes at the moment, you'd think the fact that they share an interest in the same toys and games would help things along but it seems to hinder them as they always want to same toy at the same time and there is always lots of shouting, snatching and fighting amongst them at the moment...I'm really hoping it eases off soon because I seem to do nothing but sort out squabbles lately!

However, on the rare occasions that you catch them giving each other a cuddle or enjoying something fun together (usually getting up to mischief or beating up their Dad!) then they are the cutest things to see....

However, I think their relationship at the moment can best be summed with this....

Last night Tyne and I were talking about his favourite Avenger Thor...Tyne was telling me that Thor's brother Loki is his "Biggest Enemy" I asked Tyne who his own biggest enemy was....his answer, of course, was "Noah"!

Unlike his relationship of rivalry with Noah, Tyne's relationship with his baby brother is a completely different kettle of fish...Tyne still dotes on Sailor completely, and loves to cuddle and kiss him throughout the day. 

He talks to Sailor in a babified voice, calls him nicknames such as "Bubbalubs" and "Saily Waily Woo" and tries to share all of his sweets and snacks with him by breaking off little crumbs and shoving them into Sailor's mouth whether he wants them or not!

Even now that Sailor is getting interested in his toys, he doesn't seem to begrudge him them like he does with Noah...he's happy to share with Sailor and play with him, and gets excited when Sailor shows an interest in them.

He asks to sit and cuddle his baby brother most evenings, and gets a bit offended if Sailor gets agitated...which unfortunately he often does as Tyne seems to like to show his affection quite forcibly by being very up close and personal, whereas Sailor I think would prefer a bit more distance haha!

Noah & Sailor are still very close...infact Sailor is very spoiled with lots of attention, love and cuddles from both of his big brothers... I used to worry that he'd be left out because he's the youngest but that hasn't been the case at all so far!

Noah worries about Sailor whenever he can't see him and asks where he is every time he goes up for a nap throughout the day or is out of his sight at all, and when he cries he rushes over to him with his dummy and strokes his head to try and soothe him.

Lately he's started to sit next to me on the sofa and say "Sailor Carry" which means he wants me to put Sailor on his knee for a cuddle or for him to play a game of "Row Your Boat" with...And Sailor seems a lot more receptive to these cuddles and games with Noah at the moment than he is with Tyne for some reason!

With three boys under the age of four, there is truly never a dull moment.

They are busy, lively and energetic...they can be loud, they're certainly cheeky and they get up to all sorts of mischief between fact the below "action" shots from our little photo session show quite well how one of them is always up to something they shouldn't be!

But they also lots of fun, and there's never ever a day that they don't make smile and giggle.

They really are the loveliest little boys...well, most of the time!

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