Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Importance Of Baby Proofing Your Home

Having 3 young children aged 3 and under is a challenge in many ways - how to manage them all in a supermarket when they don't make trolleys big enough? How to safely get them all across the road at once? Who to go to first when all three are crying at the same time in the night?

The little niggles seem to be endless.

But my main area of concern has always been how to ensure that the house is kept safe for all of them - because when you have children of different ages it becomes more of a challenge.

For example, my 3 year old has started to collect things like Grossery Gang and Kinder Egg toys - which are fine for him but for the younger babies who are still very much at the stage of putting things in their mouth, it is a real hazard as he leaves laying around on the floor and I need to be constantly scanning the place to scope out potential choking hazards.

I have similar fears around the older kids dress up costumes - just yesterday I secretly threw away a bandana after seeing Noah (21 months) putting it around his neck.

It's a constant game of "Spot The Potential Danger" which begins when I wake up and doesn't end until the kids are in bed - and even then I'm worried!

Because we live in a rental property, it can be difficult to make adjustments to baby proof things - we're not allowed to drill holes into the wall to fit locks on cupboards for example and anchoring the tv was difficult to do (although we managed it).

There are luckily some very handy articles on linewhich give good advice on how to go about baby proofing your rented home, and I've just come across this great quiz which helps you to test your baby proofing knowledge - when taking the quiz I was shocked to discover that the majority of deaths in under 5s occur as a result of accidents in the home. It really does go to show how important it is to keep your baby proofing awareness up to scratch.

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