Monday, 2 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2016

I know this post probably seems like it's about a week late, but I'm afraid it's the first in a series of 3 Christmas related posts coming your way because I made sure that I did ABSOLUTELY NO BLOGGING over any of the festive period!

From Christmas Eve Eve until New Years Day I have not logged into my blog at ALL which I'm quite proud of, but of course that means that I now have out of date content to share...whoops!

Oh well, the decorations aren't supposed to come down until January 6th anyway so I figure I'm good until then! (Is anyone else dreading this?! I'm actually ordering an online flower delivery to take away the empty look in my living room when they come down!)

Today I thought I would share a little look at what I got for Christmas this year...I don't usually do these posts because I do worry that they can come across a bit braggy or blah but I did a little video on Instagram stories about it and asked for opinions, and the feedback I got was that people do like to have a nose at other peoples I thought why not! These kinds of hauls can be good for inspiration and gift ideas for future occasions anyway, right?!

So if you happen to know any overgrown children with a penchant for on, I have lots of gift ideas for you! ;)

First up, a little look at what I received from Jon...Jon & I don't really tend to do big gifts for each other as, lets face it, all of our money and focus at this time of year is on the kids so we prefer to just get each other a few smaller token gifts which are thoughtful and things we will use without breaking the bank (Actually this year I just bought him concert tickets but he was delighted with those!)

My FAVOURITE gift of all this year was this set of beautiful Unicorn make up brushes...I love the fact that the handles are unicorn horns and that the brush itself is rainbow coloured - they are just so pretty and I never ever want to use them for fear of ruining their beauty!

He also got me this beautiful Kate Spade gold polka dot notebook which is to complement the Kate Spade planner from my birthday, I absolutely love this notebook and am afraid that I will never actually use it as it is just too pretty - are we noticing a theme yet?! Apparently I will not be using any of the gifts I received this year and will instead just be keeping them to admire! ;)

He also got me some new books which are always a very welcome gift and I love his choices...I had been wanting the Lauren Graham autobiography and Hurrah For Gin book, and I know I will find #Middle Class Problems hilarious!

He also got me The Greatest Hits Of Dolly Parton which is a CD I asked for, I bloody love a bit of Dolly and I'll love listening to this in the car...the Louise Live dvd was something Jon chose on him bless him, but I'll be interested to see what its like!

He also got me a few other unicorn bits such as some socks, a pair of tweezers and a pretty sparkly glittery Unicorn phone case!

And finally, some blog geeky bits - an external hard drive and a nice big SD card!

Moving on to what my mum and dad got me (I say my dad....I can bet you any money that he didn't have a clue what any of the gifts were, but still!...)

First up were these super pretty gold spotty plates and matching wine glasses which I spotted in Wilko and absolutely loved, so I asked if she would get them for me for Christmas and she did!

I also got lots of pairs of pyjamas but I only photographed one pair....

And a super snuggly foot cosy which has pride of place underneath my work desk to keep my toes toasty whilst I work...I just absolutely love this, it is soooo cute and snuggly!

I also got lots of the usual suspects...knickers, socks and bras...Christmas and the following few months are the only time I have any of these things, they then seem to disappear forever into oblivion and I see out the rest of the year using the same few pairs of socks and knickers!

 I also got some lovely little bottles of Fizz, which I may or may not be drinking right now...and a super cute flower fairies desk calendar.

And every Christmas without fail my mum buys me huge bottles of salon shampoo and conditioner, I always look forward to getting them and she didn't let me down!

Another of my favourite gifts this year was this gorgeous (but impossible to photograph) snuggly Dressing Gown with ears...So cute!

And...because who says 35 year olds don't need toys for Christmas....a PUPPY SURPRISE!!!!

Yes I got a Puppy Surprise for Christmas!!! My mum saw me squealing about them being back and how much I loved them, and decided to buy me one...and I bloomin love it! My puppy had 3 very appropriate!!! Does anyone else remember these?!

And finally my gifts from my sister who got me quite a few lovely bits, my favourites being these beautiful Unicorn slippers and a bottle of Baileys Chocolate Luxe

And my secret Santa gift from the UK Parent Bloggers secret santa group which I just LOVE...thank you so much to whoever my secret santa was!!

Overall I was massively spoilt this Christmas and I just love everything I received, I will use all of it...if you'd like to see the gifts in video form as well as a few others that aren't included here, take a look below:

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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