Tuesday, 31 January 2017

5 Points To Consider Before Moving Home

Since the New Year, even though it's only February, it feels like we can barely catch our breath let alone make long term plans or set goals for 2017. Life is hectic. 

Despite us never seeming to be able to draw a breath, or squeeze in 5 minutes of downtime, there are  a few things Jon and I have been considering for sometime. One of these is moving house.

With 5 of us in here since Sailors arrival almost a year ago our lovely little house here in Devon really is starting to feel a little smaller than before. Whilst we may wait a while before we do move, we have been doing our homework in the meantime - looking in to removal services, car relocation services (learn more) and everything else that goes along with a big move.

There are so many factors to consider when moving house, just when you think you've got all the bases covered another 10 pop up to ruin your plans. Out of all the potential things to consider however there are factors to take in to account that should be set in concrete before you start looking. This is where the homework pays off.

Here are my top 5 Key Factors to consider before choosing a new home:

1) Can you take your job with you, or will you need to find a new one?

    It may seem obvious but if the commute from your new house is a no go, then you need to find a         similar, if not better paid job, closer to your new location. Even if you are self employed, will your skills base work in a new area? Is there the core client base and custom there for your trade? The        affordability of the new property and impact it may have on your earnings really require some            careful planning and research.

2) Council Tax costs

    These are never fun to deal with but can really make or break a decision to move even if it's your         dream property.

    The Council Tax Band costs vary from region to region so it's worth finding out just how much          they are in the area you wish to move to. It may require contacting any potential new council              directly and checking about which tax band the property is in and council tax charges for it.

3) Crime figures and statistics

   Is your potential new home located in a crime blackspot? Is there a specific type of crime that               features more prominently in that area? For example Burglary or car crime may be rife in area A,       but almost non existent in area B.

The below Burglary map from Verisure may also be useful.

Figures for local crime can be found out with a little homework online, or by contacting the local Police.

4) Schools.

Should you have children, those little bundles of joy will probably take centre stage in any decision you make. 'What are the local schools like? How do their Ofsted reports stand up and compare to one another? Just how accessible are the new schools from where you live.

Naturally if you live in the the same area and are not moving too far, then you may be able to keep your children in  the same school. Should you be relocating completely however, then visit to the local schools may be in order.

5) Infrastructure and local services.

      Again, worth checking out in depth. You don't wanted your cherished children to take ill whilst moving only to realise you're no longer with your GP. If moving check the locality of any new Doctors , Dentists, hospitals and clinics. You don't want to be caught out should the worst happen and family members start to become ill.

I hope these key points are useful should you be considering moving home.

Moving home is never easy, even if it can be exciting. Once you are sorted out in your new home, and familiar with the surrounding area, more-often than-not it's worth it!

Do you have any tips, or funny stories about moving house? If so I'd love to hear them.

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