Saturday, 4 February 2017

Getting Ready For Valentines Day With Hallmark

So February is here and that can mean only thing - Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Now I know that a lot of people don't get excited about Valentines Day, in fact it seems to be very much the poor relation in the Occasions calendar with few wanting to pay much attention to it...but not me! I love an "occasion" and like to really go to town on celebrating every one that comes our way.

Of course it can be a difficult one for many people, but to me Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love but any kind of love and affection and I see it as a great excuse for 3 things:

1) Encouraging my kids to show affection and warmth towards other people, and using it as a way to learn more about kindness and caring

2) Lots of PINK - as a mum of 3 boys, most of whom are vehemently opposed to anything pink no matter how much I try to convince them otherwise, it is my one chance to indulge in pink crafts, pink foods and pink EVERYTHING! A dream for me as the only girl in the house!

3) A chance to shop - I love an excuse to buy more things we don't really need, and so putting together a little Valentine's basket for the boys is something I really enjoy doing.

Over the coming week, I'm going to be focusing on celebrating the occasion with kids by sharing some Valentines Ideas for Kids, but for today, I want to share a little inspiration for those of us who do like to indulge in a little romance at this time of the year.

Because lets face it, January can be a bit of a rubbish month for some people and so a chance to spoil our loved ones (and be spoiled a little, too!) is always welcome.

This month, the lovely folks at Hallmark have allowed me to have a sneak peak at their new Valentines Range for Tesco and I have to say, I love it!

To me Valentine's Day is ALL about the card - you could give me the most extravagant in the world and I would still be unimpressed if the card doesn't show that some thought went into it.

And Hallmark have really pulled it out of the bag this year, with a fantastic range of cards to suit every possible taste - from the more traditional to the humorous, from the classic to the trendy.

And one thing that immediately caught my eye was the inclusion of cards from child to parent - this is something I haven't previously come across and it's an idea I just love! After all, they say a childs first love is their Daddy or Mummy.

As you'd expect from Hallmark, the quality of the range is fantastic value for money with so much attention to detail. And with a lovely range of gift bags and small gifts such as mini cakes available in their Tesco range too, you won't need to go anywhere else - you can take care of your loved ones Valentines treats at the same time as picking up your groceries. Ideal for busy mums and dads!

And my personal favourite? The "You're My Lobster" card which may or may not be the one that Jon finds on the doormat this Valentines morning...because come on, who doesn't love a Friends reference?!

So whoever you're spoiling this Valentines Day, don't miss out on the Hallmark at Tesco range - available in stores now.

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