Monday, 20 February 2017

Our #BearHunt Twitter Party

This week we had the chance to take part in a super fun #BearHunt Twitter Party.

We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen has been one of Tyne's favourite books for a while now, it's always one of his first choices at bedtime and I'm always quite pleased when he chooses it as it's one of my favourites to read too.

I first came across the book back in my Nannying days and I loved it then, so to get to read it now with my own children feels really special.

When we heard that it had been made into a TV special at Christmas time we were delighted to get to see the book brought to life on the screen and it didn't disappoint - so when an email landed in my inbox about joining in with the twitter party to celebrate its release, I knew I had to do it!

We were sent a copy of the DVD and book, along with some fabulous goodies and activities to take part in.

We had a little treasure hunt to find some fantastic little toy sets (the Schleich farm sets were a big hit!), we played a game of Pin The Tail On The Bear which the kids absolutely loved doing, and we even made some bear faces out of biscuits...although the kids were more interested in eating the chocolate buttons than actually using them to decorate the biscuits!

We even had a little bear themed tea to celebrate, before settling down with popcorn to watch the DVD - the kids were really engrossed in it, even Noah who hadn't been too fussed about it at Christmas was really enthralled.

Tyne's favourite part was the little boy's "We're going on a pooh hunt" remark, of course! He laughed for a good five minutes!

We had such a good time doing our #BearHunt party - this cuddly little keepsake was the highlight of the whole thing!

To host your own Bear Hunt party, just get yourself a copy of the DVD and head to the UKMums.TV site for some inspiration on activities!

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