Thursday, 16 February 2017

Siblings In February

My Siblings post this month is a little bit late, and - as you may be able to tell from the photos - wasn't exactly planned.

I also missed out on last months Me & Mine Project, as I'm taking a bit of a break from photo sessions and spending a lot of time behind the camera at the moment - I'll talk more about that in another post, but as I enjoy looking back over the Siblings post I wanted to join in anyway to record how the boys relationship has been this month...the photos included were all ones taken during the course of Sailor's birthday so they are not posed and were not really intended to be used on the blog...but as they're the only photos I took of all three boys together this month, here they are!

Another month has passed by quickly since our Siblings update in January, where I reported on how much of a handful my little troublesome trio are and how testing Tyne & Noah had been with their bickering and fighting...

Well I'm pleased to report that things appear to have calmed down a bit!

Don't get me wrong - Tyne & Noah still argue over toys on a daily basis, and even come to blows at various points during the day (adding "referee" to the many different hats I wear during a typical day of parenting!) which I am of course trying to curb - but lately they have seemed to find more enjoyment in playing together.

I noticed that most last night when Tyne was asking if he could stay up to play a little bit longer - usually he asks to do this "while you guys put the babies to bed" but on this occasion he wasn't content for that to happen, instead he said "Can Noah & I play for a little bit longer?" and when I suggested that he played while I put Noah to bed, he replied (well..screamed...) "But no I want Noah to play as well!"...So...progress?

Noah is in a stage of copying pretty much everything that Tyne does, and wherever Tyne goes you can guarantee that Noah is probably 30 seconds behind him laughing and saying "Funny!" as everything about his big brother seems to tickle his funny bone!

As for how Sailor is slotting in, well since he turned 1 just a few days ago - he seems to have aged massively - it's almost like he has gone from a little baby into a little boy over night, his whole personality has come out so much more and it is a mischievous one!

He loves to play chase at the moment, which basically involves him looking at you, laughing and crawling away as fast as he can...periodically stopping to look back at you and make sure that you're chasing him before he scuttles off again.
 He plays this with both of his brothers and has figured out that if they don't seem to want to play it - then all he has to do is grab one of the toys they're playing with or snacks they're eating and scuttle away with that in his hands - then they chase after him! Winner!

He is becoming more and more keen to get involved in what the boys are doing, wherever they are sitting he heads over to them - usually pulling himself up at their little table to watch them colour in, play with playdoh or eat their lunch.

They refer to him as "the puppy" as he likes to sit by their feet when they're eating lunch waiting for scraps (despite having just eaten his own lunch!)

The boys are both still very loving and affectionate towards Sailor - with Tyne still cuddling him at lots of points during the day and declaring "Oh but you're just such a cute baby! You're adorable!" before looking at me and declaring "I just love him, he's so cute!"...I wonder how long this is going to last for, as it shows no signs of stopping despite Sailor becoming more and more keen to pinch their toys and generally get in their way!

Noah is also still very protective toward Sailor, and still likes to help look after him - doing things like sniffing his bottom to check if he's filled his nappy, finding a dummy for him when he cries and giving him constant cuddles - he also often sits next to him, looks at me and shouts "On knee! On knee!" - which means "Please sit Sailor on my knee so I can hold him" - despite the fact that Sailor is now almost the same size as him and this looks quite uncomfortable!

I'm excited to see how my little guys bond continues to develop over the next month, as Sailor becomes more and more mobile.

Stay tuned!

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