Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Natural Baby - The Only Baby Book You'll Ever Need

Baby books (much like everything else when you have your first child) can be a little bit overwhelming.

There are so many on the market how can you possibly know which to choose?

There are books for every possible topic you can imagine, as well as countless "general" guide books which claim to cover all of the bases- so how can you know which is best for you?

If you're anything like me, you may well end up choosing ALL of them which then results in a lot of confusion as you come to realise how conflicting and out of date some of the advice on offer seems to be.

Recently, I came across The Natural Baby by Samantha Quinn and Holly Daffurn (both experienced practitioners of natural and holistic pregnancy and baby care) , and immediately the title struck me - I don't like to label myself as a parent but I have to admit that I do tend to sway towards the natural approach wherever possible, and so the byline of "A gentle guide to conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond" sounded as though it would be a great fit for me.

As the opening line of the book states, "Natural parenting is about making conscious decisions on your parenting journey...It is about keeping your mind as healthy as your body, and making informed decisions that help you to keep your children as healthy and happy as possible, while strengthening the bonding process between you".

The book covers every possible topic you could need advice on - from conception and complementary therapies, Practising self care throughout pregnancy and motherhood, each trimester, birth and the various options open to women, Bonding with baby, Post natal healing, Breast feeding, Weaning, Meal plans and even a section on natural beauty recipes - everything is covered.

There are sections throughout the books for Dads too which I think is so important, and quite difficult to come by in baby books.

My only critique of the book would be that I would like to have seen a little more information included for Mothers delivering by c-section, particularly for those of us who have had multiple c-section births as these can bring about many worries - however this small suggestion aside, I cannot fault this book.

The information is clear and concise, easy to understand whilst not feeling at all condescending which I often feel that a lot of baby books can - it almost feels as though its been written by a friend, offering up their own experiences to help guide you on your way whilst still allowing you the freedom to follow your own instincts and make your own choices.

The Natural Baby is truly a must-have for all parents - whether you are expecting your first of fifth baby, or are just starting out on your journey to Motherhood.

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