Monday, 20 February 2017

To My Baby Boy On Your 1st Birthday...

Dear Sailor,

I've tried for the past 5 minutes to think of a way to start this letter that isn't the usual, cheesy "I can't believe this year has gone so fast" line but honestly? There is no other fitting way to start it.

I CANNOT believe how fast it has gone.

I knew it would go quickly - the first year flew past with your eldest brother, and it seemed to go even more quickly with our second child - but third time around, I honestly feel like I've blinked and missed it all.

It feels like moments ago that I was waiting in that hospital bed, certain I'd be told that they couldn't fit me in for the c section delivery that day and that I would be sent home to wait it out over the weekend - but instead we were wheeled in, and you - my teeniest little surprise baby - were lifted out of my tummy moments later and into my arms.

I call you my surprise baby because you were such a surprise in every possible way - we chose to stay Team Yellow for the pregnancy so had no idea what gender you were going to be (I'm still amazed that I managed not to cheat and find out at a scan for the whole pregnancy!), but you were also such a surprise in yourself as we found out we were expecting you just 6 weeks after your brother had arrived.

Your nickname, I'm afraid to say, was "Oops" for the remainder of the pregnancy but don't worry - we said it with affection! ;)

And as much of a surprise as you were, and as challenging as the last year has been as we've learned how to juggle life with not one baby but two plus a toddler - we wouldn't change it for the world and it's impossible now to imagine our family without you in it.

You have been the "easiest" of all my babies so far, whether that's because life is so busy now that you just fall into place with what we're doing or whether it's your nature to be so placid I'm not sure but I suspect it's the latter actually - as, aside from a rough first few weeks when you were suffering with reflux, you seem to have such a sunny and happy personality. Always just content, always with a smile.

You never complain about anything, even when those brothers of yours are trying to ride you like a donkey or are snatching your toys away from you - you never get cross.

You DO stand your ground though and can claw back a toy from the grasp of those big brothers of yours with ease - you don't let them push you around just because you're the baby and good on you for that! I think you're going to need that determination to get your way around them as the three of you grow up.

Then again, you do also have them wrapped around your little finger - just like you do everybody else - Tyne is always cooing over how you are "Just so so cute!" and smothering you in kisses and cuddles, and Noah is your partner in crime - the two of you are always playing together and he is always making sure that you have enough toys, enough "dodies" and enough cuddles.

You're sleeping so well at night time now, the easiest one to put down to bed and the one who sleeps through until morning - although you are an earlier riser than your brothers are, so if you fancy trying some lie-ins then that would be much appreciated!

You love your food, and are always keen to eat whatever the boys are eating - I try to feed you separately as I feel that some things aren't suitable yet but there's not much point really as you soon find your way over to the table to hoover up anything they drop, they call you "the puppy" as you're always waiting for scraps no matter how much of your own dinner you've polished off!

You love cuddle times, and giving kisses and so far you seem to be a bit of a Mummy's Boy - which is just fine with me!

Today we'll be celebrating your birthday like we have done with your brothers - there'll be a cake smash (I know you'll love that!), and a little tea party for your brothers and cousins, and we'll dress you up in a cute little outfit while you open your presents...I hope you'll have fun and enjoy your birthday, (and I hope that the cake I bake for you isn't too much of a disaster!)...but most of all, I hope the next year slows down a little so I can take more time to take it all in.

I can't wait to see you grow little Sailor and I'm so excited for what your future holds, but I'd love you to just stay my baby boy for a little bit longer...I'm not ready for you to be a big boy just yet.

Happy Birthday Sailor James.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday Sailor! We celebrated our baby girls first on Wednesday! You are right this year has gone so fast!! Have a fab day! Xx

  2. Happy Birthday. It doesn't seem like it's been a year already, but it has. My littlest Martha is 1 in 6 days and I'm getting emotional about it already. x

  3. Happy first birthday Sailor <3 It really has gone so fast! x

  4. Happy first birthday Sailor, I hope he has had the best day xx

  5. Happy birthday Sailor and what a little bundle of joy you are. Our third is the same I am amazed #sundaybest

  6. Happy birthday! A big moment for him and you! I think 3rd babies just slot in around their siblings, certainly that is how it's been for us :) #SundayBest

  7. Happy belated birthday gorgeous Sailor. I can't believe that he is one already. What a lovely letter to your little man. He is obviously a complete poppet. I hope he enjoyed the cake smash. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. These pics hurt my ovaries and make me want another.


  9. Happy first birthday! Beautiful photos and a beautiful little boy x

  10. Happy first birthday Sailor. I can't belive he is one years old already! Time really has flown. #SundayBest

  11. Happy birthday Sailor! I completely agree with Kristin, these photos are just so cute! I also noted at least three clothing items that Ben also owns - we totally have amazing taste haha! #sundaybest

  12. Such beautiful photos. Happy birthday little man! #SundayBest

  13. They really are amazing photos! Super cute. Happy birthday to your little one. The first year has gone too fast for my liking too. I'm not ready for my baby to be a big girl either. #SundayBest

  14. He is so gorgeous! Happy belated birthday little Sailor! #SundayBest

  15. Awww Sailor, you are such a doll! Happy birthday! x


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