Sunday, 12 February 2017

Toddler Tried & Tested: My First Thomas Day To Night Projector

Any long-time readers of my blog will probably know all about my eldest son Tyne's obsession with Thomas The Tank Engine.

It started when he received a ride on Thomas for his first Christmas and has carried on ever since - in recent months you may recall that I even got a bit emotional and penned an open letter to Thomas when he started to come out of the Thomas The Tank phase and move on to other things, but his many many Thomas toys have remained in the house and now Noah and Sailor both love to play with them too.

So when Mattel kindly offered to let us try out the new My First Thomas Day To Night Projector I jumped at the chance!

I had intended to give the nightlight to Noah - he's almost 2 now and has started to become a little bit afraid of the dark so I thought it might help to ease his fears at bedtime.

When the nightlight arrived, Noah opened the package excitedly - I was surprised to see that Thomas had a new look but what an adorable one it was! The "My First" range now feature a more baby-friendly look to Thomas' features with larger eyes and a lovely happy smile, very cute!

Noah was delighted ... but the nightlight soon attracted the attention of our die hard Thomas fan and before long, it was quite clear that Noah wouldn't be getting this all to himself after all!

Tyne and Noah played for ages with the little Thomas train, which you can put in and out of the Tidmouth Sheds base - it is the perfect size for little hands and they seemed to really enjoy putting Thomas to bed in the sheds and then waking him up. They also loved that the little engine makes chugging sounds too!

The shed features a projector which releases a nice soothing glow and projects stars and Thomas's Engine number (1 of course!) onto the ceiling.

The shed has a daytime mode and night time mode which you can easily switch between - for daytime mode there are phrases, songs and fun sounds whereas for nighttime mode it's relaxing soothing music and night time sounds.

This has been a huge hit with all of the boys, and seems to have rekindled my big boys love of all things Thomas - which this mummy is very happy about!

This lovely Thomas Day To Night Projector is available from Tesco, RRP £22.99

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