Wednesday, 29 March 2017

3 Ways To Update A Boys Bedroom

Now that my biggest boy is four, it feels like it might be time to update his bedroom and so tonight I've been scouring the web for some ideas on how to do that without breaking the bank or making too much work for myself!
I thought I'd share some of my favourite ideas for anyone else looking for Big Boy Bedroom inspiration!

1. Secret Hide Out

My son has a cabin bed with a large empty space underneath, he has always called this his secret hide out and so I thought that actually setting it up to look like one would be really fun for him - all we'd need is some material to section it off and it has the added bonus of hiding all of the toy clutter from view too!

2. Super Hero References!

As well as vehicles and road signs, my son also loves anything to do with super heroes and has SO MANY hero dress up outfits which can be a nightmare to store - so when I saw this "Hero Up" dress up corner I thought it was perfect and I just know he'd love it. It would be so cheap to do too, all we'd need is some clothes hooks and a bit of paint!

I also love the idea of some comic book art to add to the Super Hero theme too.

3. Using Road Signs

My son, like so many other little boys, is just obsessed with anything to do with vehicles, workmen, etc...lately he's been learning the meaning of various road signs and so I just know that he'd love to have some in his own room!

I think a "Stop" sign on the door would to be great as a starting point and I know he'd just love it! I have to admit, I've never seen them sold in standard high street stores but you can purchase street signs (and lots of other kinds of signs, actually!) from Stock Signs Ltd.

So there we have, 3 simple ways to update your little boys bedroom and make it fit for a bigger boy. I hope you found these ideas helpful!

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