Monday, 13 March 2017

Chad Valley Police Bike & Ball Pond Review

As part of our role as Chad Valley Play Panel members, we were recently sent a delivery of toys for my little toy testers to try out.

In this delivery, we received two items in particular which thrilled and delighted my oldest and youngest - Tyne, as anybody who has ever met him will know, is currently obsessed with anything to do with the police!

He spends most of his time dressed up as a police officer, walking around with handcuffs and arresting everybody for the most trivial of crimes, and writing out "tickets" on his "Police notepad" (I have one on my desk right now for not finishing my dinner!) - so you can imagine the glee when THIS arrived for him!

This has honestly been one of the best toys we have ever tried out and it is used every single day by my little Policeman in the making - the light on the back really works and the sirens really sound. It's controlled by steering the front of the bike, and is super easy for little ones to manoeuvre - you simply press the pedal and off it goes! You can also reverse easily too.

With a lot of electric ride ons I find that the speed and jerky movements can be a bit too much for little ones, but this gives a lovely smooth ride at just the ride speed (maximum speed of 2 mph) to be thrilling for the rider but not dangerous to his little brothers if they get in his path! Perfect.

Tyne loves that the trunk of the bike really opens so that he can put his handcuffs and note pad inside when out on "Important Police Duty".

The bike was really easy to put together, and doesn't take too long to charge either which is ideal when you have an impatient child waiting to ride it.

I really can't recommend this enough and at only £57.99 it is an absolute steal!

To find out more, just click HERE

As for Sailor - he received his very own little ball pond!

A perfect den to get away from his older brothers police bike riding, the Chad Valley Ball Pond is an ideal little play space for babies and toddlers. Its a pop up one which means its super easy to put away when you're not using, and easy to store too which is ideal!

It took moments to set up, and only 2 packets of balls to fill it to a suitable level for little ones so it didn't break the bank either - particularly as it retails at only £10.99 (and is currently included in the 2 for £15 offer too!)

You can read more about it HERE

We have loved being part of the Chad Valley Play Panel, and have been completely convinced that Chad Valley offer some of the best value toys on the market for little imaginations and adventurers - it's easy to see why they've been a trusted name with parents for so many years.

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