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Encouraging A Healthy Approach To Snacks With Chewy Moon

Like most parents these days, we appreciate the importance of our children having a healthy balanced diet but we also know first hand that ensuring they're actually getting one can be surprisingly difficult - we are firm believers in the "everything in moderation" approach but with junk food and "treats" so heavily promoted to little ones, it can be hard to get the balance right all of the time.

We've no doubt been very lucky compared to many parents as our three boys have, so far, not really ventured too far into fussy eater territory - sure they have their moments where they don't fancy whatever it is I've made for dinner or they suddenly decide that their favourite food from last week is now completely unpalatable, but on the whole they are not put off by fruit or vegetable's and are surprisingly up for experimenting with most foods.
 And, thankfully, there are lots of healthy foods that they really enjoy...Tyne has a real love of  'Little Trees' (Broccoli), Noah with his constant requests for 'Bawberries' (Strawberries), or even Sailor our youngest child with his...well, everything really! If something goes down in front of him he generally will eat it (be it food or not!)

Whilst our kids do get treats such a a little chocolate, now and again, when it comes to snack time they all love healthier alternatives such as raisins, water melon, banana, rice cakes, etc. This is fine, however sometimes it can be difficult to introduce new things to their diets and add variety whilst maintaining a healthy balance...and I'm very conscious of trying to keep things interesting when it comes to food, I have found that introducing new foods and snacks regularly stops them from getting too familiar with one particular item and becoming too attached to eating only that which is something I have seen become an issue for many children I've worked with in the past....there will always be exceptions to the rule, but in general I think a lot of variety from an early age is key.

But here's the problem...I am a fussy eater. My list of approved food items is actually quite limited ( I was a very fussy eater as a child too, and it's never completely left me...) and so I find that this makes it difficult for me to get very imaginative with snack ideas.

One alternative we have found recently is the new range of Childrens healthy snack boxes from ChewyMoon.

ChewyMoon are a new company founded by four friends. Their goal was to change the way children eat and being parents themselves, they've thought long and hard about how to provide nutritious food that children will enjoy.

It was through this development process that the idea of offering healthy weekly subscription snack boxes for children aged 3-12 years old was born. With the refreshing idea of having a panel of children be their tasters, ChewyMoon have really taken in to account what products children would enjoy whilst still getting some healthy goodness in to them. Not only this but each snack box is loaded with snack tailored to each child based upon their tastes and ages.

In addition to some fabulous food, every children's box comes with fun items such as activity and fact sheets, totem toys, and stories. We found this to be a really ingenious idea to keep our children occupied and educated whilst awaiting their snacks to arrive.

Another innovative idea ChewyMoon adhere to is allow the children to rate the snacks online.
By doing so, children can let ChewyMoon know which snacks they prefer. When supplied with this information, the next box can be issued to include the chosen favourite treats and odd surprise snack thrown in....a great way to encourage them to keep eating healthy, but still trying new things too!

Some of Chewymoons innovative ideas for snacks include:

Crazy Crunch-a freeze dried fruit smoothie which includes Apples, Peach, Blueberry and Red Beet

Fantasticos-Natural flavoured Pizza Balls with baked Edamame

Happy BBQ-Organic smoky Coconut chips and smoky Almonds (these are my favourites, they are DELICIOUS!)

Freaky Fruits-An alternative to sweets, these chewy fruit shapes are made from pure fruit

Mouse Munch-Apricots, Fruit Spaghetti with crunchy cheese puffs to combine a delicious sweet and savoury combination.

The kids love Crazy Crunch and as well Happy BBQ, I have to say the Snack Italiano was absolutely delish!!

The fun doesn't end with the food however. ChewyMoon have also introduced some great fun characters to their packs to inform as well as entertain children.

The 'Team' consist of Yuri Moon, Leroy Moon, Demelza Moon and Dr Fluffy Moon.

Yuri is a Space Chimp who overseas snack testing. It's his job to see how well foods go down...and come out (one for the adults there). Leroy is a Squirrel who delights in giving out hugs to anyone who enjoys the snacks he makes. Teo Moon, a Pug is responsible for brand styling and design. Demelza, a Duck, is the comedian of the bunch and Dr Fluffy, a cat, is a nutritionist who ensures all the snacks are delicious as well as being good for you.

The characters features in the comic strip supplied with each snack box. Each comic strip follows their adventures, or mis-adventures whilst providing fun facts about nutrition. Our boys seem to have grown rather attached to these new friends very quickly and I couldn't begin to count the number of times the strip has been read to them!

Another element I love is that when you sign up monthly, the last box of the month also contains 2 bonus snack boxes just for the grown ups!

ChewyMoon boxes are the UK's first nutritionally balanced subscription snack box for children.
Priced at £4.93, the snacks contain natural ingredients, no refined sugars or other nasties, and come in packs of five per box in a weekly subscription delivered to your home. As well as snacks, each box also contains the previously mentioned fact sheets, totem toy, and story.

Our children really enjoy their ChewyMoon subscription boxes, and it's a great way to ensure they are having healthy a nutritious snack. As to whether they enjoy the snack or the fun packs the most, well the jury is still out on that one.

To find out more please visit where you can sign up for your first box for FREE!

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