Monday, 3 April 2017

Dear Noah, Now You're 2!

Dear Noah Reve,

Today is your second birthday - it feels quite odd to be saying that, I know that usually parents tend to say that they're surprised by how old their little ones have gotten so quickly...and I do feel that way with your brothers...but with you, I actually find it surprising that you are ONLY turning 2 today.

In so many ways, you seem like an older child already - and it's not just me who thinks so, everybody says it. It's easy to forget just how little you still are.

Sometimes I worry that perhaps you've had to grow up too quickly because you became a big brother at such an unusually young age - you were only 6 weeks old when I fell pregnant again, and so there really was hardly any time at all when you were the baby of the family. And I get a lot of Mum guilt about that, because it makes me feel as though maybe you missed out on that baby time - on that special "baby of the family" attention that you deserved to get. And I worry that maybe you seem so very grown up beyond your years because of that.

But when I really stop and think about it, I think it would have happened whether Sailor had come along or not - because every since you were about 6 months old, you have been in such a hurry to do everything that your big brother does. You bypassed all of the baby toys and were only ever interested in his big boy boys. You had no interest in baby books, you only wanted to be read the proper big boy stories.

Every step of the way, your main focus has always been to follow Tyne's do whatever he is doing, to be wherever he is. You really do idolise him, it's just a shame that he doesn't always show much appreciation for this!

In a lot of ways, your love of learning from your big brother has been great for you - your speech is absolutely unbelievable for your age, and you regularly use words that I had no idea you even knew. You speak in full sentences most of the time, and have conversations on the same level as he does at 4 - and you've been doing this for months. You can count up to 10, you know most of your colours and shapes already, and you play role play and small world games like a 5 year old - acting out characters and plot lines, and doing the voices. You have also inherited Tyne's love of story telling, and you love to entertain us with your own stories and acted out scenes too!

But in other ways there are some not-to-great parts about how much you emulate your big brother, for example I think you are without a doubt the cheekiest just-turned-2 year old in the whole land! You argue with him and with us, you know exactly what you want and how to get your point across, and you do not like be told no at all - you are seriously head strong and determined!  You also throw just about the best tantrums I have ever seen....I mean seriously, if they're handing out medals for tantrum throwing any time soon you need to yourself to the front of line and grab that Gold dude!! It has your name all over it!

But the main thing that stands out about you Noah, is your personality - I have never known such a young child to have such a personality already. You are full of mischief and cheekiness, its right their in your eyes for everybody to see - infact ever since you were about 6 months old strangers in the street have commented to me on how cheeky and "full of trouble" you look, and they are not wrong! But you are so funny with it, infact you are absolutely hilarious - your eye rolls, your paddy, your funny voices and impressions, your silly dances - you love to make people laugh and it is a real talent that you have!

I hope you never lose your sense of fun and mischief, although it does worry me slightly for your teenaged years!! You are handful and a half already at 1...with your screaming tantrums, your red hot temper, your desire to constantly break free and run away whenever you get the chance in public, and your determination to call me "Mum" when even your older brother at 4 still calls me Mummy!...I am not entirely sure what to expect from you at 15!

Today we'll be celebrating your birthday with a Paw Patrol party at a local soft play centre, and you'll be opening presents that include both a "Bad guy set" and a "Pwincess Dwess" because these are both things that you have been asking for - and I think that demonstrates your personality just beautifully.

You are both a rough and tumble mischievous little boy when you want to be, but you're also a sweet and gentle little angel when the mood strikes you too - and you just LOVE to put on my make up, look after your dolly, play tea parties and play hairdressers with my hair!

I hope you have a fantastic birthday Noo Noo, you are without a doubt the cheekiest of all of my cheeky little monkeys but I wouldn't want you any other way!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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