Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift

As I watch social media light up with mentions of elaborate and elegant Mothers Day plans, I can't help but wonder if I'm alone in the knowledge that Mothers Day around here will be no different to any other standard Sunday in our calendar.

Ok there will probably be some hand drawn cards which will bring a tear to my overly-emotional-since-childbirth eyes, and perhaps a breakfast in bed if my other half takes note of the MASSIVE hints I've been dropping (If you can call repeatedly telling him "I'd better get breakfast in bed on Mothers Day or you can forget Fathers Day..." a hint...) but I can almost guarantee you that will be the whole shebang in our house...

There'll be no afternoon tea at a fancy hotel, no spa day, no fancy gifts...I'll be lucky to get to eat my own toast in the morning as no doubt once the novelty of delivering breakfast to my bed wears off, the toddlers will want to scoff it all themselves!

But thankfully, One4all came to my rescue this year with the most perfect of all Mothers Day gifts...the opportunity to treat myself for once!

No need for faux "Oh it's just what I wanted!" declarations when opening yet another pair of slippers, or cooing over how beautiful those half-dead flowers from the garage forecourt are...instead I have been able to indulge myself in something I really wanted! And all from the comfort of my sofa!

The One4all Gift Card can be spent in over 50,000 outlets nationwide including leading high street favourites such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Primark, Amazon and Argos to name a few so I was totally spoiled for choice at what to indulge myself in! There was even the possibility of that spa day after all as One4all cards can be used with Spa Seekers and Spa Finders, and even towards Virgin Experience Days...Champagne hot air balloon flight anyone?!

In the end, after much online browsing, I decided to keep my feet on the ground this time and treat myself to something I would get a lot of use out of...

Lots & Lots of lovely stationery!!

It may sound like a bit of a strange treat, but I am rarely happier than when I'm buying stationery - I don't know what it is about it, perhaps it's the list-loving virgo in me, but I just can never have enough notebooks, notepads, organisers and diaries in my life!

I treated myself to some very fancy Kate Spade notebooks to complement my Kate Spade planner from John Lewis online, and I used the leftover money on my One4all giftcard to pick up a few more pretty notebooks in Primark too- along with some Little Mermaid pyjamas!

I definitely think that treating yourself is the way forward when it comes to Mothers Day, so could there be any better gift to give your mum than the chance to do just that?!

A One4all giftcard is the perfect Jon, please take note for future years!

The One4all Gift Card and personalisation service is available to buy online at Gift cards can be loaded with anything from £10 to £400 and can be spent in more than 50,000 outlets across the UK.
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