Saturday, 1 April 2017

Disney Inspired Birthday Gift Ideas For Grown Ups

This weekend, I've been doing a bit of shopping...but rather than shopping for myself, I've been looking for some birthday gift ideas for a good friend of mine who celebrates her birthday this month.

Buying birthday gifts for so many little ones lately has sort of spoiled me when it comes to gift selections because, well, kids are very good at being vocal about exactly what they want aren't they?! But grown ups? Not so much! We're all guilty of the same old "Oh you don't need to buy me anything..." when asked for some birthday gift ideas, which leaves the gift buyer at a bit of a loss!

So I've been left trying to think of what I can possibly for someone who already seems to have everything. Then inspiration struck me!

The friend in question is almost as much of a Disney fanatic as I am, and after we saw the new Beauty & The Beast movie together recently she was absolutely blown away...she declared it her favourite movie of all time, and so I thought that I would try to find her a Disney/ Beauty & The Beast inspired gift. Unfortunately all of the branded merchandise I've found has been a little too child oriented, so I thought that I'd try to find something Disney inspired rather than branded instead.

Here are some of the ideas I've come up with so far:

1) This natural Gold dipped rose is something really special and unusual, and something about it really makes me think of Beauty & The Beast which my friend is a huge fan of. Its 24 karat gold and comes in a special leather presentation case, and I think it would make an absolutely stunning gift for a milestone birthday.

2) Keeping things lower on the cost front, these Beauty & Beast towels from H & M are HIGH on my Want List right now and I think my friend would really appreciate them too - and for only £7.99 they're not going to break the bank either!

3) I absolutely LOVE a Disney reference, and these gorgeous dinner plates featuring quotes from Beauty & The Beast are - in my book - brilliant! They're available from the Disney Store for £9.99 each.

4) What could be a better gift for a true Disney fanatic than an annual pass to Disneyland Paris!? Sadly this is out of my birthday gift budget, but I'm just throwing it out there incase the birthday fairies happen to be reading this's my birthday in September! Just sayin' ;)

If you're a Disney fan too, would any of these tempt you?

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