Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me & Mine In April

So here we are at the end of April, and oh my goodness - how lucky have we been with the weather?!

Social media tells me that it may have been a little more hit and miss in other parts of the country but here in Devon we have been thoroughly spoiled with summer-like weather for the vast majority of the month which has been AMAZING.

I have always wondered if the weather affects my mood, and after such a lovely sunny month I can confirm that I am now totally convinced that it does - I feel like a different person!

Our photos this month were taken on Easter Monday at a family BBQ we had to celebrate the occasion - our original plan had been to stop off at a local beauty spot on the way to take the photos but the boys were tired and fell asleep during the drive, so to save waking them we carried on to the BBQ which was at the caravan my Mum & Dad own, which they stay in when they visit us in Devon.

The caravan is set up at a site in the Devon countryside, and their pitch is right by a little childrens play area so that's where we took these snaps - they were very difficult to get as the kids were very distracted by their cousins running about who they just wanted to go and play with, so we had to take a few quick ones and hope for their best - you may have caught the many out takes over on my Instagram which showed the stressful behind the scenes goings on!

But I'm reasonably happy with the nicer ones we got - although I do wish Jon would have taken the bloody sunglasses off, and is it too much that we might ever get one single photograph where all of us are looking in the same direction at once?! Apparently so!

In April, Mummy Is Loving:

*Having lots of TV shows to watch on Netflix - 13 Reasons Why, Grace & Frankie, Girlboss - so much choice!!
*Getting confirmation of Tyne's school place for September - our first choice, yay!
*The sunny days
*Lots of family days out

Daddy is Loving:

*Playing with Tyne's Playmobil sets!
*Katy Perry's new song (?!)
*Having lots of family time

Tyne Is Loving:

*Having his first visit to Chessington where he got to meet the Gruffalo!
*Saving up his pocket money for the new Playmobil Ghostbusters range coming out this month!
*Having cinema dates with Mummy - we saw Boss Baby this month which was hilarious!

Noah Is Loving:

*Meeting the Gruffalo
*His new big boy bed
*The Gummy Bear Show (much to my annoyance!)
*Singing and dancing at every opportunity, especially singing "Let it go" with a blanket draped around his shoulders so he can be Elsa!

Sailor Is Loving:

*Climbing up on the sofa with no assistance - little monkey!
*Saying "AAAWWW!" loudly whenever he sees anything cute - usually at passing dogs or dressed up characters!
*Giving kisses and cuddles (and usually a head butt or two in the process)
*Playing Row Row Row Your Boat and screaming loudly at the Crocodile part!

Here's hoping for a sunny and happy May too, fingers crossed!!!

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  1. These are lovely photos Hayley. I'm definitely a different person when the sun is shining x #meandmine

  2. The boys look so gorgeous in their matching outfits - Sailor appears to have suddenly really grown up though! I loveee seeing your outtakes - it makes me feel better that it's not just us who has trouble taking these snaps haha xx

    1. He really has!!! It makes me sad!! haha ah thanks lovely! xx

  3. Lovely photos, April has been all extremes of sunshine and cold.
    I'll have to check out your Netflix recommendations (although viewing here is always interrupted by baby wake ups). I watched Offspring while pregnant and totally loved it, I felt rather sad when I got to end of Season 5 which is funny as I don't watch any other telly!

  4. I absolutely believe the weather changes my mood - I always struggle to get through winter and can just feel all the stresses lifting when spring arrives. These are such lovely photos - although I loved seeing the outtakes too, we've all been there! I love your dress in these photos too - so perfect for spring! #meandmine

  5. My goodness how big is Sailor looking now?! Frightening how the time is flying!! Gorgeous set of photos!! #MeandMineProject

  6. Oh they are so cute all matching. I love your photography too so candid and beautiful. I totally believe in weather changing moods. My kids and even myself are happier in sunny weather every time. Outdoors exploring. #meandmineproject


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