Saturday, 15 April 2017

Siblings In April

Another month, another Siblings post...and how lovely is it that the sun came out for our April photographs!

We've been thoroughly spoiled with at least a week of solid sunshine in Devon and during that time we have had some lovely days out to make the most of the Easter holidays - these photos were taken on a trip to World Of Country Life which we reviewed for our travel blog, and I love them because they really do show how the boys relationships are at the moment - the three of them happiest when having their adventures as a trio.

The months seem to roll by so quickly at the moment and I find that it's easy to forget how their relationships were a few weeks ago, so I'm grateful to this linky for serving as my memory because reading back on last months post tells me that Tyne & Noah were in one of their bickering phases. Now that I read back about it, I remember it well and I so clearly remember feeling at the end of the my tether and worrying that they would always hate each other - but, as children always seem to do, they have changed yet again and are getting so much better at the moment!

Don't get me wrong, they still scream at each other over toys and have more than their fair share of Tug Of War matches over them - but they are managing to sit and play together really nicely a lot of the time too.

Noah has been getting so much better with his speech lately and I think this is helping as he and Tyne are more able to have conversations lately - the pair of them chat about the toys they're playing with, and love to engage in dress up role play games together.

They have started to really look out for each other too which has been lovely to see - this evening whilst eating their dinner Noah burnt his tongue on a bit of his food, and seeing his reaction Tyne responded even before I could, saying "If you've burnt your tongue Noah just have a sip of your drink"...Noah took his big brothers advice straight away, and my services were not required at all!

As for the baby of the bunch, as he gets older Sailor becomes more and more keen to get involved with the "Big boys" and their games - he has zero interest in age appropriate toys and only wants to play with whatever his brothers are playing with. He is getting closer to Tyne all the time, and Tyne is still taking a big interest in him - trying to help look after him, and talking to Sailor in his baby voice.

Noah and Sailor are still as close as ever - Noah just absolutely dotes on "his" baby and loves to be around him, cuddling and kissing him, and always asking "Where Sailor gone?" whenever he is upstairs having his nap. Sailor does seem to be getting ever so slightly irritated by Noah's constant cuddles these days, but I'm sure he'll get over it!

So that's been April with my trio - a much calmer and happier month all round, long may it continue!

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