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Tips on selecting your next fitted wardrobe

Wardrobes are the second most important part of any bedroom (the most important thing would be the bed). Whether you opt for a freestanding wardrobe or choose a fully fitted custom made wardrobe or closet, there are a number of things to consider as you decide on the look and feel of your wardrobe. If you love freestanding wardrobes, is a two-door wardrobe or a three-door wardrobe perfect for your needs, or do you need even more doors to fit into your available space? Should they be open wardrobes or wardrobes with shutters? In the case of a fully fitted custom-built wardrobe: Do you prefer full carcass built-in wardrobes to frame construction built-in wardrobes and sliding door built-in wardrobes?
   Those questions are worth asking in addition to determining the presence and combinations of shelves, racks, and doors. Shelve type (adjustable or fixed), shelf space and depth, what goes in the various compartments, colour as well as the quality of the materials used in the design such as industrial or natural wood, varnished wood or plywood, melamine laminate boards or acrylic are equally important. All these considerations are necessary for achieving visual harmony and a judicious use of available space. Here are some tips for selecting your next fitted wardrobe.
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Full carcass fitted wardrobes:

 These fitted wardrobes are typically characterized by the presence of a base, top, two sides and a back panel. They are designed in a manner that reveals a fully lined wardrobe interior upon opening the doors. The doors on these wardrobes are hinged from the side panels. Side-scribing panels, top-scribe filler panels and back panels and necessary components that contribute to the capability of filling into the ceiling as well as the fully fitted look. These wardrobes and closets are easy to install in a matter of a day and can be dismantled and reconstructed with similar ease. On the downside, they are ill-suited for sloping ceilings, have a fixed depth and are cumbersome to fit around various obstructions.

Frame construction fitted wardrobes:

Unlike the full carcass build, these sliding door Wardrobe are devoid of side-scribing and back panels. They do, however, have a base and can be built from floor to ceiling at a variable distance from the back wall. Instead of a fully fitted interior, you get a glimpse of the back and side walls upon opening the doors. The frame is built on-site, and the scribing is done by taking advantage of the adjacent walls. Unlike full carcass built-in wardrobes, these are especially suited for sloping ceilings. The depth of the wardrobe is unrestricted, and they can be built comfortably around various obstructions.


 It can be tough to decide on which one of the numerous and amazing styles out there is perfect for your particular needs. So as you decide on getting either a full carcass built-in wardrobe or a frame construction built-in wardrobe or maybe even a sliding door built-in wardrobe, it would be immensely helpful to make these consider

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