Saturday, 20 May 2017

10 Family Friendly Music Festivals - Will We Be Going?

With Summer now pretty much upon us and this being our last before our eldest boy starts school, I'm determined to spend the next few months making some amazing family memories.

I am nothing if not a planner, and so the last few evenings have seen me sitting down with the laptop and calendar compiling lists of fun things we can do together as a family - of course all the usual days out are on my list, theme parks, zoos and so on - but I really have an urge to do something stand out. Something different. Something that is a new experience for all of us.

And top of my list is attending a festival!

I've debated attending festivals like Glastonbury ever since I was a teenager, the temptation was always there but I've just never been the camping type and the thought of mud and portaloos just put me off.

And so here I am, a 35 year old music lover who has never attended a festival! Once I'd had children I thought my chance had passed - but lately I've been looking into the many family-friendly festivals that take place across the globe and wondering if this could be my opportunity to finally cross attending a festival off my bucket list.

Jon & I are both real music enthusiasts with similar tastes, and thankfully our kids seem to be developing the same love of it - infact lately Tyne (our 4 year old) has been watching a lot of old Madness videos on YouTube and really enjoying them!  And guess who's headlining Camp Bestival this year?! Yep, Madness themselves - a group that Jon & I would also love to see perform live!

There are aspects of attending a festival with young children that worry me of course - where to change nappies, keeping them safe in crowds, and where to stay too. The idea of camping with 3 children under 4 doesn't exactly fill me with excitement, but there are plenty of useful sites such as Home To Go who allow you to compare holiday lettings to find the best option for your family. 

I read an article recently which discussed the many benefits of taking children to festivals, and it pretty much made my mind up for me -  the experience would be so worth while, and with so many festivals offering cheap or even free tickets for children it seems like now could be the perfect time to finally experience my first festival!

Now it's just a case of choosing which one to attend! The tool above is a fantastic resource to help you decide which family-friendly festival is right for you this summer - I think the Camp Bestival headline act has swayed me in their direction!

Have you attended a festival with your family? I'd love to hear about your experiences.

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