Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Making Night Time Toilet Training Easier With Illumibowl plus Competition!

My eldest son Tyne has been potty trained for around a year now, but night time dryness is something we're only just taking steps toward.

Until now Tyne has worn pull ups for bed and so the need to go the bathroom during the night has never come up, but now he's getting older he's starting to question why he needs to wear "nappies" like his baby brothers and asking when he'll be able to start wearing underpants for bed.

He's also been getting a bit upset when he wakes up with a wet pull up, and so last week I sat down to talk with him about it - to reassure him that it's nothing to worry about and that he will learn to wake up when he needs to go to the bathroom in time, but he surprised me by telling me that often he does wake up but is too afraid to go to the toilet as he can't reach the bathroom light by himself.

I immediately thought back to an email I had received a while ago informing me about a product named Illumibowl - at the time I hadn't thought much of it, thinking we wouldn't have any use for it but now it seemed like it could provide a solution for us.

Our Illumibowl arrived last week and to my surprise it isn't only Tyne who has been enjoying it, but my partner Jon too!

Jon told me that he often finds a night time bathroom trip to be a pain as the need to turn on the light in the bathroom wakes him up too much and he struggles to go back to sleep - with the Ilumibowl the light is bright enough to allow him to see what he's doing but not bright enough to wake him too much - perfect!

The Illumibowl is super easy to fit, fits all toilets, and is motion sensored so it only activates when you need it to.

To find out more about the Illumibowl please visit or to be in with a chance of winning your own, just enter our Rafflecopter give away below!


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