Monday, 5 June 2017

Me & Mine In May - A Tale Of 3 Photo Attempts!

 What is it they say?

"God loves a tryer?" 

Well if that's true, then I must be top of his list this month because OH MY WORD did I try, try and try some more to get a half decent photo for this months family portrait!

There were SO many opportunities this month for us to get a lovely family shot, it's been a busy old month with lots of fun days out to the beach, a busy visit back to Liverpool and plenty more fun days out here, there and everywhere thrown in for good measure too!

Yet we still didn't end up with a decent family photo!

We tried on our day trip to the pretty Welsh town of Beaumaris, when I set up my camera in front of the castle and asked my mum to take some shots for us...

What could possibly go wrong there?!

Well...the thing with leaving your mum in charge of the camera when she doesn't know how to adjust the settings is that you tend to end up very out of focus and over exposed...

 But never one to be easily defeated, I tried again a few days later - I had the PERFECT shot in my head!

We would make the most of being in Liverpool and get a gorgeous family shot of ourselves with the Liver Building in the background - my hometown is a huge part of my life and I am one of those fiercely proud scousers who will tell you over and over again that Liverpool is the best city in the world (Coz it is...) so the thought of having a shot of us all in front of Liverpools most iconic building for our family wall filled me with glee!

...What I didn't take into account were these three things:

1) The Liver building is at Docks...its really bloody windy at the docks. Windy days + Loose hair = Photo disaster!

2) Do you know what else is at the docks? Water! Do you know what doesn't go well with water? 3 Kids under 4 all trying to escape your grasp and dive head first into the pier head!

3)Liverpool city centre is really, really busy - and people do not give a shit if they're walking right in front of your tripod and ruining your photos!

So, rather than the serene and beautiful images I had in my mind...we ended up with these rather windswept ones!

 Well you know what they say, the third time is the charm and so on the last day our visit home - I spotted the most revered sight a blogger could ever behold - a rapeseed field! With a pathway right through it, and a parking spot right next to it...with nobody around, and the perfect golden evening light!

Off we marched, through the mud and the flytipped sofas, to find our spot in the field of gold for that perfect family photo...

Unfortunately? My children had other ideas, decided that a photo was the WORST THING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TO THEM right now and refused to co-operate. Running away, getting themselves covered in mud, and generally just refusing to have any part in what we were trying to do!

So, in my flustered state, I totally effed up the camera settings and stood us all in totally the wrong spot...right in front of the sun!

But do you know what? I just don't have a fourth attempt in me!

So they will just have to do!

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