Thursday, 25 May 2017

Siblings In May

I can barely believe it's already the middle of the month, it feels like I've only just changed the date on my calendar (Actually I'm lying, my calendar is still on February...) but suddenly the month is already half way done!

I have been wishing it away a little bit as we're about to head back to my home city of Liverpool for a visit to the grandparents - we usually go for a little holiday once or twice a year, and I really look forward to it. Not only because I miss my home town and like to make the most of the shopping and things to do there, and catch up with everybody but also because when you live a 5 and a half hour drive away from your parents - you REALLY miss the opportunity to have them babysit! So our little Liverpool breaks are my chance for a taste of how the other half live, with help on hand and the chance to go somewhere other than soft play or the park for a day or two - I fully intend to make the most of it!

The kids are really excited too, as they don't get to go to their Nanny & Grandads house every week like most kids do so they really look forward to these visits.

But enough of my rambling! How have the boys been getting on this month?

Well, actually - dare I say it - it's been pretty smooth sailing lately!

Don't get me wrong, Tyne & Noah still have their moments of arguing and bickering - I don't think they'd really be siblings if they didn't! - but most of the time they are able to play pretty nicely together now.

We actually took these photos yesterday, and it was a great example of how they are with each other lately - Tyne & Noah spent an hour or so playing happily side by side, digging in the sand and collecting stones, chatting away and playing happily.

Tyne has really started to show his protective big brother side lately too, as whenever Noah started to walk toward the sea Tyne was right beside him - with his arm around him to lead him away back to safety, totally unprompted by us.

As for where Sailor slots into the equation, he and Tyne are getting on really well - he seems to recognise Tyne as the biggest now, and always heads straight for him for cuddles or to hold his hand to steady himself.

He started to walk on his own this month, and I think that this has meant the boys see him more as "one of them" - he's not quite at the stage of running along behind them yet as he's still quite wobbly but I don't think it will be long before they have a little shadow one step behind them everywhere they go!

Sailor & Noah are as thick as thieves - they sit next to each other in the car now, and they have their own little jokes and way of playing together. We'll just hear them both laughing hysterically at each other, and none of the rest of us has any idea what the joke is - but the pair of them seem to know and find it hilarious! They give each other certain looks, and pull faces at each other and just seem to crack each other up - it melts my heart every time!

I would also like to point out that I am very aware how mismatched their outfits look with their hats in these photos - we had actually been to some shops before heading to the beach and had bought the hats for them to wear over the summer, however they both insisted on wearing them right away! Tyne's isn't such a bad look but Noah...hmmm not so sure the hat goes with that outfit, but would he listen?! Not at all!

Tyne's hat actually ended up in the sea not long after these photos were taken with Daddy running in after it to grab it back - it was a much windier day than it looks in the photos!

How have you and your little ones been getting on in May?

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