Friday, 26 May 2017

The Sensitive Side Of Dads: How A Singing Volcano Brought Jon To Tears!

The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin is a real hero for sensitive skin, and launching just in time for Father’s Day it’s the perfect gift for sensitive dads. I’ve partnered with Braun to tell you about some of the times when Jon has shown his sensitive side!

The thing about Jon is, he's your typical "Northern bloke" - he likes to act as though he's tough and detached most of the time, and enjoys nothing more than ribbing me over my  weekly sobfest sessions while I watch Long Lost Family - "Why do you always cry at TV shows? You don't even know these people!" he tells me.

But I have always known that there's a big softy lurking somewhere inside him and over the last year or so, I've discovered what brings it out.

Kids movies!

It all started last Christmas Day, when we decided to sit down as a family to watch The Snowman & Snow Dog - the bittersweet ending tugged on all of our heartstrings of course, but it wasn't until Tyne declared "Daddy your eyes are leaking!" that we realised Jon was definitely more affected than any of the rest of us!

He spent the rest of the afternoon bursting into random sobs over Christmas Dinner, declaring the kids movie "Too bloomin' sad to put on the telly on Christmas Day!"

Since then we've realised that #SnowmanGate was not an isolated incident - although he can watch the likes of Sophies Choice, The Notebook and any other traditional weepy without showing even the slightest bit of emotion - an animated kids movie can reduce him to bits every single time!

Infact whenever we have our family movie nights, the first thing Tyne does now is grab a box of tissues "for Daddy!" - we all know he'll be needing them!

We've had tears over Moana, Toy Story 3 and - most recently - he discovered a Disney short song on YouTube called Lava. All about a lonely volcano who just wants another volcano to love - Jon came into the kitchen after watching it with ipad in hand and tears streaming down his face to show me "The saddest and loveliest thing he'd ever seen" .

He assured me it would make me sob. It didn't. I thought it was pretty naff actually! 

The singing volcano that can reduce my partner to tears

But do you know what? I love that he's so easily brought to tears over things like this as I think it shows what a caring person he is beneath that "Northern bloke" exterior - real men are comfortable enough to show their emotions and I think that's a thing to be celebrated!

It just goes to show that fathers can be sensitive too, just like their skin! 

Did you know that over two-thirds of men have suffered so badly with sensitive skin that it's made them delay shaving?  But there's a solution for these #SensitiveDads - The new Braun S3 ProSkin has advanced MicroComb technology which guides hairs into the cutting element of the trimmer reducing overall shaving time and skin irritation, with three independently floating cutting elements and two SensoFoils it adapts to every facial contour to offer a comfortable shave. 

Do you have a #SensitiveDad in your life? I'd love to hear about what brings out their sensitive side in the comments below!

**I’m working in a paid relationship with Braun and BritMums on their #SensitiveDads campaign. Fathers can be sensitive too, just like their skin. The new S3 ProSkin has advanced MicroComb technology which reduces overall shaving time and thus skin irritation.

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