Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is always a difficult one for me when it comes to buying gifts as, quite honestly, I am absolutely rubbish at shopping for men!

Even my Dad and my partner, the men who I know better than anyone, still I am at a total loss with gift ideas!

My Dad is stuck in his ways and likes to recieve one of 3 approved gifts - Whisky, socks or chocolate!

But Jon hasn't even got a list of preferred options nailed down yet, and so I'm left browsing endless websites for inspiration and usually end up choosing something rubbish - I couldn't even tell you what I bought for him last year and I doubt he would be able to remember either as it was no doubt forgettable and dull!

This year though I want to make more of an effort to give him something useful, something he will actually like and use...and so I've put together some ideas that I thought I would share for those who also struggle!

Braun Series 3 Pro-Skin

This fantastic new shaver has advanced MicroComb technology which guides hairs into the cutting element of the trimmer reducing overall shaving time and skin irritation, with three independently floating cutting elements and two SensoFoils it adapts to every facial contour to offer a comfortable shave.  This would make a great gift, Jon is fortunate enough to already one but he loves it so much that I'm thinking of buying one for my own Dad too!

Where & How Much?: Available at Amazon, £139.99

A Coffee Club Subscription

Jon is a real coffee lover, but usually ends up with nothing more than a jar of Nescafe so I think he'd really enjoy a fancy coffee subscription to broaden his horizons a little.
Plus it would mean I'd finally be able to buy a peculator and have that freshly brewed coffee scent throughout the house which would be a bonus!

Where & How Much: I've got my eye on the Union Roasted coffee club subscription which starts at under £15 per month!

Power Tools

Jon's favourite hobby is making little soldiers, goblins and so on for this World Of Warcraft style fantasy games and he often makes extravagant scenes for them all too - he's always sanding this and sawing that, so I think a power tool such as this electric grinder would come in really handy for him.

Where & How Much: John Lewis, £39.95

An Extravagant Super Car Experience

I love the idea of giving experience vouchers, as I know they are something that I would always just love to recieve! To be honest I'd probably go with a generic voucher that allowed to choose something for himself, but if you have an unlimited budget and the Dad in question is a fan of sports cars then I think this Supreme Sports Car Experience would be the ultimate gift!

Where & How Much: Buy A Gift, £895 (eeek! They do have cheaper options!)

A Decent Watch

Jon isn't much of a jewellery wearer at all, but he does like a nice watch and it's been years since he had a new one so I think a really lovely timepiece would be an excellent gift - something a bit different and striking appeals, like perhaps one of these gorgeous wooden watches.

Where & How Much: Jord, £169

What will you be buying for Dad this Fathers Day? I'd love some more ideas!

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**I’m working in a paid relationship with Braun and BritMums on their #SensitiveDads campaign.Fathers can be sensitive too, just like their skin. The new S3 ProSkin has advanced MicroComb technology which reduces overall shaving time and thus skin irritation.


  1. Oh love the idea of either the Braun or the Coffee Subscription - my husband is a real coffee snob so he'd love this.

  2. The coffee subscription would go down really well here. The husbeast is a coffee fan

  3. I like the idea of the power tools. It is always super useful at home and my hubby love his tools too. The extravagant super car experience sounds amazing although it is very expensive! The Braun shaver is fantastic. It is great for sensitive skin, :) x

  4. That Braun razor looks excellent! I'd be after the coffee subscription or the car experience though!

  5. Love the coffee club idea!!! I think that's Mr B sorted :)

  6. Great ideas - I still have to find presents for Adam and my step-dad and Father in law yet! xx

  7. Wonderful ideas - commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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