Friday, 30 June 2017

Me & Mine In June

Whenever I write these posts, I usually start them off in the same way that almost everybody does - declaring how fast the month has gone by.

But this month I don't feel that way at all - infact I've found myself double checking the calendar lately to see if it actually is still June, as for some reason it feels as though this month has gone on forever.

Perhaps its the mix of seasons we've had this month - from sweltering heat and brilliant sunshine, to torrential rain and grey gloomy skies all within days of each other - you can't accuse the British weather of not keeping things interesting!

We've had a fun month, making the most of the sunny days with trips to the beach and days out strawberry picking - and we also managed to fit in a spur of the moment family holiday too.

I fancied a break and so one Sunday evening at 11.30 pm, I booked us a 5 day break starting the next day - and just like that, off we went to Cornwall!

We stayed in a caravan near The Lizard, a part of Cornwall we hadn't visited before, and we spent the week exploring - it was lovely to have some quality time together as a family, and I thoroughly enjoyed the technology break as there was no 3G at all in the area which quite honestly was bliss!

Our photos this month are from our Cornish break - none of them are perfect as I just didn't want to bother faffing around with getting camera settings right and forcing us all to pose for photos, we were all having too much fun enjoying our holiday and I was very conscious of not allowing photos to interrupt that - instead we took a few snaps and if the first attempts weren't good enough, then so be it!

This month, I am Loving:

*Watching my TV guilty pleasure Big Brother every night!

*Making more time for spiritual pursuits after visiting my favourite alternative shop in Cornwall

*My new angel oracle cards

*Prepping our holiday wardrobes for our cruise holiday

*Challenging myself to complete Couch To 5K!

*Indulging in a new guilty pleasure - Love Island! - I only started it this week so I'm way behind but I am hooked!

Jon is Loving:

*Visiting Kynance Cove on holiday

*Watching Big Brother - he pretends its coz I watch it, but I think he loves it more than me.

*The restaurant home delivery service we've just got in our area - kind of like Deliveroo but for tiny towns in Devon!

Tyne is Loving:

*Watching FGTV on YouTube at any opportunity - what is the attraction with watching people play video games?! Can anyone explain this to me?!

*Going on "Ghost Hunts" with us - we've been driving out to apparently haunted locations for a look around, he absolutely loves it!

*Playing Escape The Titanic on my phone (He's definitely getting into video games lately!)

*His new Ghostbusters dress up outfit courtesy of Nanny!

Noah is Loving:

*His new Belle dress courtesy of Nanny!

*Anything to do with princesses!

*Singing "Let it go" at the top of his voice in the car

*Going "Strawby picking"

Sailor is Loving:

*Running around after his brothers

*Watching Steps videos on YouTube (He is a big fan!)

*Sitting at the table in a big boy chair


I hope you've all had a lovely month, bring it on July - we're ready for you!

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