Saturday, 3 June 2017

My Top 3 Family Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

Summer time is here once again and try as I might I can't help but turn my attention to thoughts of beach holidays and family trips.

With 3 young children in tow, as exciting as the prospect of holidays is - they can always be a rather daunting thought!

With hotter weather & sun burns to worry about,pool safety and general worries about flight times there are just so many things for parents to worry about when it comes to choosing the right destination.

And of course then there are the concerns about your style of accommodation - Hotel? Caravan? Glamping?!

Personally speaking a holiday to me is all about luxury and a hotel would be my first choice, I do like to be waited on - but having experienced hotel stays with young children I know that they are not ideal and I don't want to have to deal with the worry of them disturbing other guests at night. And so the logical solution is a villa holiday - all the luxury I crave but with privacy and peace of mind too.

There are  many advantages to choosing a villa  for a family holiday  - you have all the kitchen & laundry amenities you'd have at home and so there's no need to spend a fortune on dining out, and lets face it...dining out with little ones can be very stressful!

You also get a lot more privacy - I personally love using the pool facilities on holidays but sharing with other guests can often lessen the experience when you can't find a free poolside sun lounger or find the pool totally overcrowded with noisy kids - having your own private pool can be priceless and really ensure you get that much-needed quality time to enjoy your holiday as a family, no interruptions.

Here Are My Top Travel Destinations For Family Holidays With Toddlers In Tow:

1) France

When you want to go abroad but you're not keen on the idea of an overly long journey or very hot weather, Northern France can be the perfect destination!

And if, like me, you're not a fan of flying you can even enjoy a trip via Eurotunnel, Eurostar or Brittany Ferries - such a selling point for those of who would rather stay out of the skies when we head off on holiday!

The pretty streets of Brittany, or the hustle bustle of Paris and Lille make lovely holiday destinations for all ages and of course you could even rent a villa a short distance from Disneyland Paris to really make the kids holiday a dream come true without needing to spend your entire vacation at the park!

This is something I very much want to do in the near future!

Clickstay have a wonderful range of independently owned villas and cottages to rent - some from as little as £380 per week! 

2) Italy

Italy has always been number 1 on my bucket list of European destinations to visit, and although we are crossing it off this year with a 2 day visit during our Mediterranean cruise I just know that I will want to return for longer.

There is just so much of Italy that I want to see- from beautiful Florence, to Rome, Pisa and of course Venice - the only hard part would be choosing which one to see first!

I think a holiday in Italy with children would have so much to offer - with so much history to soak in, landmarks to visit, and of course - Italian food to indulge in! It would be a holiday to suit all ages.

3) Spain

Spain is a fantastic place to visit with children of any age and it's not too far away either! 

The Spanish are very family oriented so your children will be most welcome in the vast majority of places, and the stunning beaches of places like Mallorca and Andalucia make it an ideal choice.

Renting a villa in Spain, particularly one with a pool, will give you hours of stress-free family fun in the glorious Spanish sunshine - what could be more perfect than that?!

If a villa is something you're considering, I highly recommend checking out Clickstay as they offer fantastic properties all over the world at very reasonably prices, and it's so easy to book - your next holiday could be just a click away!

Where are your own top choices for family friendly holiday destinations? As always, I'd love to hear from you.

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