Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Siblings In June

When I was writing last months Siblings update, I felt very much like I had two little boys and a baby to write about.

This month, I feel as though I have three little boys.

The baby of the bunch suddenly seems so much more grown up as he is now walking confidently - rarely wanting to be picked up and carried, never wanting to be in his pushchair, Sailor is happiest when he's running about - usually in pursuit of his older brothers!

Now that he's able to run behind them he is more determined than ever to be part of the gang, and loves nothing more than getting involved in their games - squealing with excitement as he joins in games of chase and hide & seek.

His big brothers both have quite a lot of patience for him at the moment, which is lucky but I do wonder if it might start to wear off a little over the summer!

On the downside, Sailor is currently finding it a bit difficult to control his excitement at his new ability to properly join in and play with the boys and over the last week has bitten both of them - Noah received a bitten finger, and Tyne was on the receiving end of a particularly nasty bite on the cheek!

Sailor is the first biter of my trio and it's been difficult to know how to handle it, he's had his first real tellings off as a result  which wasn't nice (and the first time it happened he was inconsolable at this - he sobbed for a good half an hour, and refused to even look at me for a good half hour afterwards - ohhhh the guilt!) but of course he has to be made aware that it's not ok to bite his brothers, and a little stern voice telling off seems to have done the trick as we haven't had a repeat incident so far....We'll just have to keep a close watch on it!

As for Noah and Tynes relationship, as always it has its good and bad days - most of the time Tyne will tell you that he doesn't love Noah, only Sailor which of course is a little sad and although we know he doesn't mean it and its only brother stuff it still makes me worry slightl.

 I see other peoples children with their perfect Topsy & Tim style sibling bonds meanwhile my own children are more akin to the Gallagher brothers! In fact I think they could teach Liam & Noel a thing or two about fighting and bickering some days!

However, ever so occasionally, there will be a moment that you'll catch them playing nicely together and doing something sweet and caring for each other which melts your heart and makes you wonder why you were ever concerned in the first place.

I do try not to worry too much about it as, to be honest, I often think these perfect sibling relationships are reserved purely for Instagram families - my own sister & I were NOT good friends growing up, infact neither of us could really abide the other at all for our entire childhoods! Once we grew up we suddenly got along well and now we actually CHOOSE to spend time together, so I know that all hope for my boys certainly isn't lost at 2 and 4!

This month we're heading off for a little family holiday to Cornwall and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the boys get along during it, I guess I'll fill you in during next months update! Wish us luck!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Look at them! Sailor looks so grown up now he's walking and part of the 'gang'. They are so adorable Hayley, they really are! I bet they keep you on your toes, but bring so much fun and energy too! Love their outfits. xx

  2. They definitely look like a trio of boys now and with that I think come the inevitable sibling issues, I am one of three and we still have them now!

  3. Love their tshirts. We have the best ever bro one but I never realised they had this those other ones. May have to go on a shopping spree again. Sailors grumpy face is hilarious. #siblingsproject

  4. Love their outfits! They are definitely part of a trip, look at them all stood there. Adorable Hayley x

  5. Those shirts are fab! They look so cool. I liked your Gallagher bros comparison. My too are very close but that does;t mean they don't have their moments too. No relationship is perfect all the time. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  6. I love the pictures of your boys, I only have one and he was a biter...and I also did not get on well with my little brother as a child (I wanted a sister and used to force him into dresses) but now we are older we are as thick of thieves...I love seeing sibling stories even the ones that are up and down because good day or bad they have each other. Looking forwards to seeing the Cornwall pics xxx #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Aww just look at them! They are all getting so big, especially Noah!!! Feels like two minutes ago when you were pregnant with him! #SiblingsProject

  8. Oh look at them here so so adorable. Their outfits and everything. How grown up do they look all stood here like little dudes of a magazine I love it. #siblingsproject

  9. i never had a good bond with any of my 2 brothers nor my sister when I grew up and now I am very close to my brother which I think is because we are both parents now! The pictures of your 3 boys are just adorable and there always dressed so very stylish! do you mind me asking where you got their tops from? #siblingsproject


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