Saturday, 10 June 2017

Surprise Your Dad This Fathers Day With Tesco's Tannoy Takeovers

Fathers Day is coming fast and if, like me, you struggle a bit for ways to surprise your Dad (I cannot bring myself to buy him another packet of socks...) then I might just have the perfect solution - for ALL budgets!

Why not think outside the box this Fathers Day and go for something he'll never expect...something that's both sentimental and practical too?

Tesco are giving customers the opportunity to send their Dads a Fathers Day message with a difference this year, an offer we took them up on last weekend - take a look at what we did and what my Dad thought of it!

Yes that's right...Tesco is helping customers show appreciation to their dads this Father’s Day with their in-store Tannoy Takeovers!

Imagine surprising your Dad with your own personal message as he does his weekly shop - I think it's such a special way of letting your Dad know how much he means to you this Fathers Day, and what's even better is that it's absolutely free to do!

To set up your message, all you need to do is visit to submit your message to your dad and surprise him at your local store with a message recorded and played out on the tannoy by you.

Once your Dad has heard your message, you can then head to the Customer Service desk where he'll be given a £10 gift card to treat himself too - so that's the gift taken care of all at the same time!

As you can see, my Dad was absolutely delighted with his tannoy message - why not try it out for yours too?! 

*This is a collaborative post

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