Thursday, 29 June 2017


Time is a funny thing when you're a parent.

It's something I feel I never have enough of, something I crave to myself, and something I almost fear in a way too - I only need to look back at the camera roll on my phone at photos I took just weeks ago to realise how quickly my little boys are growing and changing.

Next week, my eldest son has his taster days at school. Proper, grown up school.

I know it's such a cliche but it honestly feels like a matter of months since he was placed into my arms, a squishy perfect newborn...I remember the way his little fingers grasped mine so clearly, and yet somehow four years have zoomed by and in a matter of months he'll be spending more of his waking hours away from me each week than with me.

And although I know he's ready for it, and although I know I'm ready to get into more of a settled working routine - it's hard to accept how fast that time has gone and that those precious first few years are almost over.

It makes me so grateful that we crammed so much in to them - we've done a lot of travelling together in the last four years, and enjoyed so many adventures - and thanks to my job I have hundreds of photographs and videos to look back on too, something I know will become even more precious to me as time goes on and my little boys grow ever more.

We can't slow time down, but we can at least make the most of it and capture the memories.

Something I intend to do for the rest of the summer months, and beyond of course...but with just a little less freedom than before.

I know that four certainly isn't that old, he's a long way off leaving home just yet! But the speed that these years have passed me by leave me feeling apprehensive about just how quickly my boys childhoods are going to go by...I think most mothers probably worry about these things, and all we can do is hope that we've raised them well, and that our bonds will stay strong.

Tyne asked me last week if he'll still my baby even when he's a Daddy himself. I told him he'll always be my baby - no matter if he's 4 or 44 or 94.

As the story goes, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be"

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