Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Girly Evening At Revolution Torquay

A few weeks ago, myself and a bunch of lovely fellow Devon bloggers headed out for a get together at Revolution Torquay.

Recently we've been making an effort to do things together every so often, as it's nice to get together with people who share the hobby with you - most people's eyes tend to glaze over when you talk about Instagram algorithms and follow links but bloggers just get it! Sometimes we need to talk shop, and these little get togethers are great for that - they're kind of like a works night out as when you work from home on your own, it can get a little lonely and your fellow bloggers are the closest thing to work colleagues that you have!

It always seems a good idea to tie in these gatherings with promoting local businesses and on this occasion we were kindly invited along as guests of Revolution - a brand new bar and restaurant in the centre of Torquay.

I think all of us had pretty much the same thoughts before arriving - that we all remembered nights out in Revolution from our youth and were surprised to find out that they actually serve food too.
 If you asked me what Revolution was best known for, it would be the dolly mix flavoured vodka shots I so adored in my 20s!

But when we arrived, we were very pleasantly surprised by just how lovely the decor and ambience was - it didn't seem at all like a boozy bar but much more modern, and the menu was really quite impressive considering the low prices.

We were treated to a cocktail taster session where we tried out a good 8 or 9 of Revolutions amazing cocktails (between us of course, or else I think I'd still be drunk now!) - it is extremely hard to pick a favourite and of course we all had different tastes, but the Pushing Up Daisies was a firm favourite for it's Instagramableness (Sssh, pretend it's a word...)

 After our cocktails, a very generous selection of starters was brought out for us to try and every one of them was honestly delicious! The buttermilk chicken tenders were a particular stand out favourite, and the halloumi was amazing too!

We were all feeling pretty full already but one glance at the diverse menu and we soon found our appetites again - there was such a variety of dishes to choose from - one member of our party opted for a wotsit burger while another went for a Thai Green Curry! The prices were all so reasonable too.

I went for my firm favourite, steak & fries with peppercorn sauce, it was a lovely meal at a fraction of the cost you'd pay in most other places.

The dessert menu was just as impressive, with everything from brownies to chocolate fondue on offer...I went for the Nutella Fluffwhich - a delicious french toast style dessert with nutella and marshmallow fluff filling -absolutely delicious!

We had such a fantastic girly dinner at Revolution bar and I wouldn't hesitate to return, infact I think I'll take the children along soon as I am craving another Fluffwhich!

A huge thank you to Revolution for hosting us.

If you are local or visiting the area on holiday, I highly recommend a visit.

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