Sunday, 2 July 2017

Natural, Cruelty Free Cleaning With Seventh Generation - Giveaway!

This week we returned home from an absolutely amazing weeks holiday in Cornwall - we were blessed with incredible weather, we saw some gorgeous parts of the country and we had the most relaxing week full of quality family time. Brilliant, right?

But of course, there's always a price to pay and when you're the Mum - that price tends to be returning home to a massive pile of holiday laundry to wash!

Holiday laundry is bad enough, but part of the reason we decided to take a last minute break was to escape our house which currently has work going on and so isn't looking its best - everything feels dusty and a bit grim right now, and leaving the house in the care of workmen for a week certainly didn't help matters!

Luckily, our return home coincided with a very well-timed delivery of Seventh Generation cleaning products - which meant the perfect opportunity to really put them to test!

If you're not familiar with Seventh Generation, let me fill you in - the brand is well established and really popular over in the US as each of their products is plant-based and contains only natural ingredients, meaning they are completely safe for use around children.

The range is extensive, offering everything from washing up liquid and laundry detergent to toilet cleaner and multi surface cleaner.

My favourite products have been the toilet bowl cleaner - as I have to admit, I have always been a bit of a lover of bleach when it comes to keeping the toilet clean but with my 4 year old now using the upstairs toilet regularly it does concern me to have such harsh chemicals around. The Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner does just as impressive a job as bleach but without the risks - ideal!

The washing up liquid has also been great, as our oldest son has recently started asking to help out with chores around the house (thank you YouTube kid vloggers for inspiring this!) and loves to wash up his own dinner plates - it's great to know that Seventh Generations washing up liquid is completely safe for him to use, and it makes just as many bubbles as other brands too.

And as for that mountain of laundry I've been tackling, I'm pleased to say that Seventh Generations laundry detergent has been brilliant - it's even managed to remove some hellish bright blue slushy stains from the kids clothes which was quite an achievement! My youngest son suffers with eczema and so we're always very conscious of the detergents we use, but the Seventh Generation Sensitive Skin detergent has been just perfect.

In addition to all of this, an added benefit to Seventh Generation is that their products are free from cruelty to animals - which is something I am keen to be more mindful of in my purchases going forward.

We have been so impressed by the Seventh Generation range - if you'd like to try it too then now is the perfect time as Tesco are offering £3 off Seventh Generation Laundry Products with this code: GRXNZY

So if you're battling your way to the bottom of Laundry Mountain too, at least you can save yourself a few quid!


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