Friday, 14 July 2017

Siblings In July

Another month, another Siblings update and this time our pictures show the boys at the place we've been spending most of our time lately - the beach!

My kids truly do live Seaside Childhoods in the summer as we take ourselves down to the beach pretty much every day after dinner to let them run off some steam and hope that the sea air will tire them out for bedtime (It rarely does, but it's a good excuse for some beach time isn't it?)

All 3 of the boys are totally at their happiest when they're running free on the sand and it's one of the only times that Jon & I get to sit back, watch them play and have a few minutes to chat uninterrupted - so its a winner with all of us!

This month, Tyne has had his taster days at his new primary school which he'll be starting full time in September.

After a few months away from nursery (we took him out as they couldn't offer us the hours we needed) we were concerned about how he'd cope with it all, but so far so good - he's really enjoyed his taster sessions and seems really keen to start learning.

Noah was less impressed with Tyne taking himself off to school and spent the whole hour crying and shouting "I go school!" - so that's going to be interesting when September rolls around and he realises that Tyne is gone all day, 5 days a week!

The two of them have been getting on much better this month, playing together more and more - the only problem is that their favourite way to play together is to play fight and sometimes Tyne can get a little rough, he seems to find it hard to remember that Noah is 2 years younger than him - infact I think Noah finds that hard to remember too, he definitely thinks of himself as Tyne's equal in every way - age included!

Tyne and Sailor's relationship doesn't seem to change - Tyne still loves babying his littlest brother, and will always go to him for a cuddle when he's feeling a bit tired. He still never refers to Sailor by his actual name, always his nickname of "Moon"!

As for Noah, he seems to be getting more and more grown up every day - he told me today that he didn't want a baby cup because he's a big boy now, and he's very keen to let us all know about his boy boy status at every given opportunity!

His most used words are "Fabulous!" and "Just for a little while..." which is what he says whenever he's told he can't do something, usually followed by a "Pleeeeaaaase" and his puppy dog eyes...which of course work every time!

Noah and Sailor's relationship is still my favourite, lately they seem to have developed their own language and you'll find them babbling away to each other in the car - then they'll both burst out laughing at once as though one of them has given the punch line, they definitely know what each other is saying! It's odd as Noah can speak extremely well for his age, but yet when he's around Sailor he goes into baby babble mode - It's very strange, almost like the "twin" languages you hear about - and although they're not actual twins they really do act like they are!

I love the way Noah will always run up to Sailor and put his arm around his shoulders as he walks beside him, in a real "best friend" sort of way - I am convinced that they're going to be best friends as they get older and when I watch them walking around that way I can envision them doing it in the school playground in a few years time.

And the baby of the bunch is getting more and more grown up every day too - lately he's been trying to speak more and more, he answers "Yeah!" to everything and knows exactly what we're talking about when we speak to him - he loves chasing around after both of his brothers and is always determined to join in the fun with them when we're out and about, he has no interest in being left sitting in his pushchair anymore!

Sailor still enjoys the cuddles and kisses he gets from the boys although only on his terms - when he's not in the mood for them he certainly makes it known!!

So that's my boys in July - it's been mostly smooth sailing apart from the occasional playfight gone wrong - long may it continue!!

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