Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Spicing Up Dinner Time

Do you ever find yourself feeling a little stuck in a rut when it comes to meal times?

This week I came across the fabulous Flavour Generator from Hello Fresh - if you're not familiar with them, Hello Fresh are a company who sell amazing recipe boxes - we've tried them before and they are such a fantastic idea for busy people who struggle to find the time for meal planning and grocery shopping. Every week (or however often you choose to have them...) a new box is delivered to your door full of all the ingredients you need to create the yummy recipes inside.

I always like to try to keep our dinners pretty varied as I get bored quite easily so keeping things different helps me to stay away from the takeaway menus, and I always think that changing things up often at mealtimes will probably help the children to keep trying new foods and hopefully avoid any fussiness too as they're never really able to get too familiar with any one dish - so far this has worked pretty well and although I know it could just be down to luck, I'm keen to keep it up anyway.

When I was speaking to my sister recently, I was really surprised when she told me that she and her family eat the same 3 or 4 meals on rotation every week - I asked her why this was and she said she simply didn't know what else to cook for them.

This made me think that if my sister has this struggle, other mums probably do too so I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to start sharing some family dinner recipes - we usually try something totally new at least once a week as I'm a real fan of looking for new dinner ideas online.

We've found some new favourite dinners from using Hello Fresh boxes and even discovered ingredients we'd never tried before - so when I saw the Flavour Generator on their blog I knew it would be a great source of meal inspiration!

To use the Flavour Generator, you simply select what kind of food you enjoy and what sort of flavour you're in the mood for and then  it generates some recipe suggestions for you.

We were in the mood for something British and herby, so it suggested that we tried Pan-Roasted Chicken with Dijon mustard sauce - we'd never tried this before but I'm a big fan of anything with mushrooms and I knew the kids would like this, so we gave it a try.

Hello Fresh recipes are so easy to follow with really clear instructions and all recipes are given a difficulty level too - this was difficulty level 1 and I have to agree, it was so straight forward but the results were amazing - a delicious dinner that the whole family enjoyed!

You can find the recipe here:

If you're struggling for some meal time inspiration I highly recommend taking a look at the flavour generator, or even take a look at the HelloFresh boxes - they are the perfect way to broaden your dinner time horizons!

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