Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Strawberry Fields Forever...{The Ordinary Moments}

Lately I've been trying hard to slow life down a little.

With September creeping ever closer I'm so aware of fast time is passing by and I can barely believe that it's only a matter of months until my first born heads off to school.

It's so hard to think about him spending more of his waking hours away from me than with me each week, and as much as I know he's ready for it - and as much as I know I will benefit from the routine too - it's still a tough thought. He's always been such a Mamas boy, and that has always suited me just fine - he's the only grandchild that refuses to have sleepovers at my Mum & Dads caravan when they're visiting, he's always been emotional going in to nursery - he's happiest when he's right by my side, and to be honest - so am I. So I know that September isn't going to be that easy for us.

But I'm focusing on the fact that there's a whole summer ahead of us and I am so determined to make the most of it.

With my work from home job, I am the first to admit that I often struggle to get the balance right. I worry that too much of my time is spent focused on bringing home the bacon, and not on enjoying the ordinary moments with my children.

I want to take the time to enjoy the every day more.

This week, we went to our favourite local farm shop - the same we've gone to every June for the last 2 years to spend an afternoon strawberry picking, and it was exactly what I needed to remind me of how enjoyable a day can be when it's taken slowly.

We spent the afternoon strolling through the strawberry fields, filling our punnets with the juiciest berries (and sampling a fair few of course!)  - the kids had the best time running through the fields, looking at all of the different scarecrows and sourcing the biggest berries they could find their baskets.

After we'd found as many as we could carry (I think we'll be living off strawberries for the next week!) we headed over the little park area where the boys spend a good hour or so playing while Jon & I sat enjoying indulgent hot chocolates and just taking in the sight of our little trio running about together.

With nowhere to rush off to, no appointments to keep, no schedule to adhere to - just taking our time, and enjoying the afternoon sunshine together.

It was perfect.

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The Ordinary Moments
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