Saturday, 1 July 2017

Stylish Summer Shoes For Boys

Finding comfortable but stylish shoes for my boys these days can be a bit of a challenge, it seems that you once make the leap from baby shoes to "Big boy" shoes things become much more challenging!

Many parents would say that style in childrens footwear isn't important but while I absolutely agree that comfort and good fit is the most important thing, I have to disagree - I like my children to look well turned out and so I do pay attention to the style of shoes I choose and whether they're likely to look good with various outfits.

I find that supermarkets and the leading shoe brands are great for school style shoes, but for leisure shoes they can ...well...pretty naff most of the time! At least our local stores seems that they assume all boys need are some spiderman sandals and they're good to go. Sorry but they're just not really my cup of tea and they don't match the kinds of clothes my kids tend to wear at all.

I was recently introduced to Jake Shoes - an online shoe shop with a fantastic range for both children and adults alike.

I spotted that they stocked Converse and my mind was instantly made up as i'd been keen to get some for the boys for ages.

I went for the canvas All Stars in black for Tyne which were reduced to £24.99.

And Starplayer 2 velcro shoes in sage green for Noah which were £29.99

The delivery was fast and everything was well packaged in its original branded boxes, I really couldn't fault Jake Shoes on their service at all.

And as for the shoes - they are great! They withstand all that the boys put them through, they're comfortable and they look pretty cute too - a winner in my book!

To see the full range please visit 

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  1. Converse can be quite expensive but I love them myself and generally live in them in August and Spring. You can wear them with pretty much everything. Chloe had her first pink converse but they are too small now. Matthew actually hasn't had a pair in a while.


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