Friday, 7 July 2017

The Story Of My Evening As A Work From Home Mum....

7.30 PM...The boys are finally in bed (Pssh...In my dreams...I'm totally lying, it's more like 9pm by the time we've played the "I need a drink, I want one more story, I reeeeeeally need a wee wee" game for an hour and the little demons have finally gone to actual god damn sleep...)..Time to write some blog posts! 

7.45 pm - Set myself up at my computer, can of Diet Coke at the ready...I'm SO looking forward to head has been buzzing with blog post ideas all day!!! So...let's go....

Hang on a minute...what were those ideas again? What was it I wanted to write about? Hmmm...I'm sure I must have made a note about it on my phone...let's just check....Oh look! A facebook notification...better just check who that's from....

8.30 pm - *Puts phone down after having aimlessly scrolled through Facebook and Instagram for 45 minutes*...What was I doing again? Oh yes! Writing!

Ok come on, let's get on with this....

8.35 pm - *Stares at Blank screen*

8:45 pm - *Still staring at blank screen*...

Oh this is ridiculous, I've had loads of ideas today! Why can't I think of anything to write about?! I know...I'll get out my little Ideas notebook...I just need a prompt, something to start me off...

9:45 pm - *puts down notebook...having spent a hour writing out my shopping list, daydreaming about what order to wrap my christmas presents up in this year and doodling endless flowers*

OH FFS!!!! I've been sitting here for 2 hours and I haven't done a bloody thing!!!! FOCUS!!!!

I need inspiration....let's just have a little look on some news websites...there must be a trending topic I can write about...

10.30 pm - So the news websites led to half an hour reading about the ins and outs of Perrie & Zayn's relationship, the latest breakdown of some Made In Chelsea I've never even heard of but now feel totally invested in, watching a couple of YouTube videos, and yet more aimless scrolling through Facebook...

But FINALLY! I have an idea for a post! Let's open up my blog...and off we go!

*Types first word....*

"WAAAAAAHHHH!" says the baby...

11.00pm - Baby all fed and back to sleep, time to head back downstairs and get on with it...

"MUMMEEEE!"...calls the toddler...."I think I've done a poo poo in my bed...."

11.30 pm - Half an hour of cleaning bottoms and reassuring the toddler that there are definitely no zombie sharks under his bed tonight, I finally get back to the computer...

Now...what the hell was it I was going to write about it?!

Oh just forget it....I'm going to bed!

Please tell me I'm not the only one?!?!!

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  1. Ha Ha love this Hayley! I always seem to get my best ideas when I'm in the shower and I can't even write them down. By the time I'm out I've forgotten it. My best time for writing blog posts in during the day when Holly is napping, I know I don't have long and the pressure to get it done helps x

  2. You are not the only I don't have little one's but I am distracted easily. hehehe x

  3. I definitely know exactly what you mean when it comes to writing. Haha. The best time for me to write is late at night or very early in the morning. Just so my toddler doesn't come behind my laptop to press random keys, she thinks it's highly hilarious!

  4. By the time Oscar goes to sleep I just cannot concentrate to blog. I usually just get up super early and try to work then. But then I find I still get distracted too easily! Eek

    Louise x

  5. I'm not an evening person for being proactive at all - all I can do is collapse on the sofa! Probably because I know full well I have numerous interruptions coming my way! But I can't seem to focus my mind to write anything that makes any sense once it gets past 7pm - I think bedtime wipes me out!

  6. You're definitely not the only one! I have so many deadlines its not even funny. And Elise finishes with her childminder this week so its only going to get worse! x

  7. I love this! I feel you 100%

    Marisa x

  8. Oh geez not poo in the bed, ugh the joys of motherhood!! I get easily sucked into Instagram & Facebook too. They are like magnets!!

  9. Ha ha this is so fab! And mimics my evenings too, although I seem to have fallen into a trap of writing more and more sponsored content and not my own! Which means although I know the topic it's making it flow! Lol. Social media is such a distraction. Will have to work on a points jar or similar for myself xx

  10. Exactly the same here. I've had to start setting alarm for 5am to get my writing done in the morning and now i just pass out with my daughter at bedtime haha.


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