Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tips For A Healthy Family Summer

With the Summer holidays upon us, I'm seeing more and more people worrying about how to fill the time with their little ones and it's no surprise - all of a sudden there is so much to think about!
How to keep them entertained, how to keep them active and learning, how to keep them well fed and healthy - it's a lot to focus on for a long period of time and many of us feel the need for a little inspiration, I know I have been searching for Summer Holiday bucket lists on Pinterest constantly!

This week I came across something different -  a great guide from Push Doctor with some fantastic practical and useful tips on things such as:

*Healthy Eating
*Staying Active
*Learning throughout the summer holidays

The area I struggle with most is healthy eating as like most 2 and 4 year olds, my oldest boys can be quite fussy and are very keen on treats - so knowing how to field the demands for ice cream on hot days and still find ways to keep them eating healthy can be difficult when all you want is to avoid a day of tantrums.

This week we've been following some tips from the Push Doctor guide and I have to say, they have been very helpful!

One of the most effective things has been getting the children involved in cooking meals - obviously they're too little to actually cook but they love getting involved in the planning of our weekly menu and helping out with prepping the veg beforehand - I've seen a real change in how willing they are to try new things when they've been involved in preparing the food.

We've also tried out the home made ice cream which was a big hit! Using seasonal fruit is a great tip too, and one way that we make this even more interesting for the little ones is to go fruit picking - somehow fruit becomes so much more appealing when you've been the one to pick it yourself! My children ate bucket loads of strawberries after we'd been to the strawberry fields!

Another thing we've found useful has been taking packed lunches out with us on days out - we tend to visit a lot of fairgrounds and theme parks which are great fun but don't usually offer the healthiest meal options, so taking our own packed lunches has not only meant that it's easier to keep the children eating healthy but it's saved us a fair bit of money too.

There are so many more fantastic tips in the guide which are well worth taking a look at, you can check it out here: https://www.pushdoctor.co.uk/blog/how-to-keep-your-kids-healthy-this-summer-in-5-easy-steps

Push Doctor are also offering one lucky family a healthy summer, with a competition for the following prizes:
  • £100 daysout.co.uk voucher for some quality time together.
  • £50 Argos voucher for summer toys, games, or whatever takes your fancy.
  • £25 Waterstones voucher to get your children reading this summer.
  • 3 months of Push Doctor Premium membership for the whole family.
To enter, just head over to the Push Doctor Facebook page and share their competition post...it couldn't be easier!

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