Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Travel Happy With Sea-Bands: Competition

With just days to go until the schools break up for the summer, our family holiday is finally in sight!

This year we're heading off on a Mediterranean cruise and I am honestly SO excited at the thought of it - we're travelling on an amazing ship that Jon & I have holidayed on once before in our pre-children days, and we know that the boys are going to absolutely love it.

There's so much for them to do on board - from a video arcade, cinema and ice rink to an 50's style American diner and nightly parties and parades - there is always so much going on! We'll be visiting places that have been on my bucket list for decades - Florence, Rome, Gibraltar, Provence - 8 stops in total.

And now that the final payment has been made, it's time to relax and start looking forward to what will hopefully be an epic holiday - but of course there are always things I find myself worrying about. Travelling with little ones can bring up all sorts of problems, and one thing that's been concerning me lately is the fear that the boys may experience sea sickness.

I'm lucky enough not to suffer with it myself, but my partner Jon can have issues with it when the seas are choppy so I'd hate to travel unprepared incase one of the boys suffers with it too.

So one thing that will definitely be coming aboard with us are Sea-Bands - these knitted wrist bands use acupressure to help relieve not only sea sickness, but all other kinds of nausea too.

I first discovered them during my pregnancy with Tyne when I suffered with constant morning sickness - they really did help to ease the nausea, and I spent practically the entire 9 months wearing them!

The great thing about Sea-Bands is that they are an all-natural remedy for sickness with no risk of side effects, and they are washable and re-usable too making them very cost effective - and they work incredibly quickly too, just 5 minutes after putting them on you should start to feel some relief.

Sea-Bands have recently put together a fab Happy Holiday Activity Booklet too, filled with games and activities for children of all ages - the perfect travel companion during long car journeys, or for keeping them quiet during dinner (which is definitely what we'll be using them for!)

You can purchase Sea-Bands from Boots for just £8.59, or to find out more please visit 


As a drug-free solution to travel sickness, Sea-Bands are a must have for any family getaway.  No matter your holiday style, travelling as a family can still have its challenges, with car journeys and coping with children bickering in the back, a particular pressure point, as reported by a quarter of UK parents*.  

However you get to your destination, Sea-Band’s Happy Holiday Activity booklet, packed full of activities for the kids of all ages, with colouring, fun facts, word searches and much more, means there’ll be a lot less arguments this summer!

For your chance to win an Activity Book and some Sea-Bands of your own, all you have to do is enter the competition by completing the Rafflecopter form and answering the question below! Good luck!

Q: After putting them on, how soon do Sea-Bands become effective?

1) After 1 hour, as long as you put them on before feeling nauseous
2) Typically, after 5 minutes, even in nausea has already started!
3) Usually after 30 minutes

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